What if i said that “I was never here”?

Would you think of insanity?

Lol…Just being a baka.I totally missed my poor little blog.Can’t wait to share soon (^ω^)

Until then,Take care.
Ja ne yo!



Hello my dear lonely blog.Did you miss me?

I will be back to blogging most soon.I apologize for the delay.Forgive me.
I have some fairly exciting news…..I will start my first day at my SECOND job tomorrow!!!Yoshi!Nothing to be happy for.I’ll just be a salesman yo!Wahahaha

That is all I have for now.But i do promise that my next entries won’t be so short and vague.
Until next post
Stay happy and healthy
Ja ne yo!


Hello world and happy 2015!
Still feels weird saying “2015” considering it still feels alot like 2014 ne.haha.Anywho,this is just a short entry i wanted to post concerning sharing my entries outside of WordPress.

I think i have about close to 40 followers of my blog now and i couldn’t be more excited that people find my musings interesting.(If that is the case).Also,as i continue to attract more viewers and followers,i noticed that my post are being shared via twitter,facebook,and even the occasional blogger and G+.I am totally cool with sharing my entries.Just hopefully it’s shared positively.That’s all i wanted to talk about.It’s totally cool with me if people want to share my content.

On that note,happy new year and lets strive to achieve our goals yo!
Until next post


Good afternoon,my dear blog.Holder of all my thoughts and ramblings.Did you miss me?Well,I certainly missed you!

Hahahahaha!I’m a silly monkey sometimes ne.Well,just a little update,I will be updating my blog soon.So expect more nonsense soon.
Until then,take care everyone.
Ja ne!