Liberate Your Mind

It’s been 2 weeks since I started my therapy for depression and I can honestly say that I feel better.I always feel like a limited space bottle,but there was so much substance inside that the bottle began cracking.No amount of tape,glue,or temporary fix could hold it together and here I am,pouring out all the poison by choice.It’s a weird sense of liberation,but it’s MY liberation that saves me from my darkness.

Anyways,This is just a little update on me.Awhile ago I didn’t believe I would survive last week,but I am still roaring.I am currently sick again,but that doesn’t stop me from attending therapy,going to smash tournaments,and studying Spanish like my life depends on it lol.Spanish is honestly kicking my ass,but it’s a beating I must endure!My child Kogi-chan and I are going on a secret trip very soon!
Yup….life is just oke.


Necesito Tu Ayuda

I think I’ve stated this before,but I’ll say it again just in case.I am studying Español!!Yes,I am learning Spanish and I am having a grand time with it!I don’t quite understand it myself,but I am happy when I learn something new from Spanish,even though my reason for mastery of the language has changed,I have gained a new purpose for it.My purpose now is to master the language in order to open the door to new bonds with an even larger number of people where a language barrier would have existed.NOT ANYMORE YO!!Kyo is coming with a new found power in the form of a Spanish tongue!

My question is: Where/what are some online Spanish learning sites I could use to gain friends who would want to help me with my learning?Is there anyone reading this post willing to exchange contact info with the purpose of helping gain confidence in my sentence structuring and speaking?lol….I know I am asking alot,but I am seriously pumped to become fluent in Spanish.
Thank you for everything!