Hello.My Name is Fear

Have you ever stepped into unfamiliar territory?Have you ever took on a task outside of your skill set?Have you ever felt a fear unlike anything before?Well…I am currently experiencing all of this presently.
I have currently signed on to a new career that has me completely outside of my comfort zone,my skills aren’t remotely on par for this job,and I will be honest,I am literally shaking to my core.

I am currently afraid that I am not good enough to even start this task.I am severely doubting myself and I am physically making myself ill.I despise waking up every morning and I dread the drive to work.I am currently in America by the way lol.Yikes!

You know where and what fear is?Fear is self manifested and it comes from within.When you doubt yourself,those “i can’t” phrases become real.You become crippled by your own nonsense.It’s haunting.But you know what?You CAN do anything if you believe in yourself.Slowly but surely,I am convinced that i can do this.I can conquer all.I just have to defeat myself,Fear.



Hands offer comfort,assistance,and stability
Hands heal,feed,and nurture….
Your hands took,soiled,and damaged my life

Consistently taking away my ability to function in life with fear of being trash,whore,or the unworthy to walk amongst the pure in society.I fear the memories of a cold past that is stripping me of my present sanity,I fear the whispers of that voice spoken hauntingly into the silent unforgettable night’s atmosphere,and I fear your cold fingertips piercing and removing what little stability I had left.

Running so far away,but I don’t know my destination.Physically removed from my life,but I run from a monster unseen.I run away from myself because you embedded your print of fear onto my life permanently.
Poisoned memories sicken me at night and causing me to shy away from living my life as normal.Difficulties to understand what is real and who is real….Shunned and confused are the ones forced to surround me.Your poisonous touch you caressed my body with has made me regret to even live these years.I regret being soiled by you and reduced to being filth.

As I try to lie my body down and prepare to sleep,I know you will visit me in my dreams and assure me that I will have a damning nightmare.My eyes remain alert,my heart races without a stop,and my body trembles and I owe it all to you.Thank you,I am broken