Don’t Quit Your Day Job(s)

As the title of this entry states: “Don’t quit your day job(s)” is a phrase i’ve thought i would’ve never had to seriously contemplate.I am currently working 3 jobs and I have a very chaotic time-frame daily now.It isn’t ideal for me,given my recent struggles personally,but it pays the bills and puts food on the table.How did I stumble into this mess of a workload?I have no clue lol.

I have always been a techy-type guy and a nerd culture expert lol.In my opinion,I feel I am pretty smart on nerd culture(in Japan),so it would be cool to do something with this knowledge.My last job that I actually liked had me working in a perfect setting.I was an assistant artist to a Mangaka(comic book artist/author).That job was my everything because I worked there for 8+ years and I have never felt like I was going into work,It always felt like hanging out with a really cool teacher that allows you to better your craft by being hands-on with his projects.Those were the days…….sigh.

Now I have no ties to manga,except that I draw everyday and write short stories in the hopes I strike a major idea to spark my own series,but that would required time to write,plan,edit,draw for,etc but time isn’t on my side.
I have always wanted to get in to blogging for a career.It just seems so cool to do something of that caliber and never feel bored or dreading that day because of it.If you all couldn’t tell,I love blogging and I have to limit myself to 1 entry per day in order not to overload my page lol.I just don’t know how to get started or what resources to look into.I don’t even know what my audience would be!If anyone has any advice,training,looking to hire a blogger,or just have useful tips,please feel free to comment or email me at “kyosukeshinobu@yahoo”.
All help is greatly appreciated! ❤

As for now,I won’t quit my 3 day jobs until I find something somewhere that holds my interest and I can truly thrive in!
This has been a rant by,yours truly
Kyo signing off


Soy Sobrio!

NO I am not drinking or anything.I feel highly energetic and motivated to do so many things at once,but i’m mentally burning myself out in the process lol.Isn’t that funny!?Not a bad problem to have,in my opinion.I’m having a ton of fun at 5 in the morning,or should I say: a las cinco de la mañana.I’M LEARNING SPANISH BTW!

The video I posted is by a person/group by the name of Tommy ’86 and the song is called: “Why Did I Say Goodbye”.It’s an absolute jam to listen to,especially when you are alone and just chilling or if you just want a reason to dance!Whatever it is,it’s a damn good song!

Anyways,i have seriously started studying Spanish and I am enjoying it the more I dive into the language.I guess it helps that I am half-way decent in English,because Spanish sentence structures aren’t that different than their English counterpart.So I am grateful that I am able to pick this up so rapidly,because I want to be able to communicate with many people worldwide without barriers!I feel selfish sometimes,because I actually think I sound sexier speaking Spanish,than my native Japanese lol!Don’t ask me how or why,I’m just a baka,KING BAKA,in fact!!

I’m going to study a bit more now,because why not?!I can’t help but feel excited when I’m learning yo!The sun is slowly rising and my eyes aren’t falling at all!Bummer.Music,Candy,and Spanish til I fall yo!

P.s I added some links to the side of my page that will direct you to my personal Facebook,Twitter,and Instagram.REACH OUT TO ME,PEOPLE!!No really,you don’t have to.I’m quite shy.^-^v

Thank you for reading



I’ve never been one for statistics or worrying about the popular vote,but somehow I’ve managed to amass 52 followers to this train-wreck of a blog of mine!I don’t know how or why,but I am extremely grateful that you all took time out of your lives to read my nonsense and choose to follow my writing.Words are beyond me now because I don’t feel accomplished nor am I doing this for any popularity,I write on this blog because I have so much to say and truth be told,talking to myself is becoming a little bit strange ne lol.I feel a great sense of happiness and gratefulness for the people that take a quick glance at my writing and stick through it and some even hit the “like” button.That always make me crack a silly little smile,which is rare because I am not a smiling type,but you guys have done it!

This place is like a safe haven for me when my emotions become to heavy to carry anymore,I let out my screams and laughter here and it’s conveyed in long post or short ones;what you read is the true me with no filter or political correctness.This is me and my life laid bare.I haven’t been in a happy mood for awhile now and my writing as of late reflects that and that is why I will never filter or fake what I feel here.You will get Emo Kyo lol!
Because of you all,I feel a sense of happiness and I am thankful for each and everyone of you.From my heart,Thank you so much for taking this journey with me.I hope you guys will accompany me as i embark on more yo!

Until next time,Thank you all so much for reading!

Shinobu Kyosuke


“What’s in a blog?”,I ask to myself.I have been left so uninspired lately that I’ve just taken a 2 month leave of absence yo!Ugh!I humbly apologize.

I find myself walking a steadily quiet life.The noise that once echoed wherever I’ve roamed is fading ever-so greatly;not that it’s an issue,but I must admit,I find it to be a tad bit eerie.
I am waking every morning to silence and the ol’ grind of heading to the Tsutaya to start my daily work routine.
Yes,I work at a tsutaya/repair shop or whatever the heck the place wants to be labeled.It’s my sole occupation at the moment,because my main job of 12 years has come to a close.More on that later.

I have so much free time and I have to listen to myself think;which is a NO NO!I hate having time to think,because it means that I am wasting time that is limited these days,well….not anymore.

Well,This is all.I just needed to rant to kick off my return to blogging.Woooo.I’ll have more later.
See you all later
Until next time…
Take care


As i close my eyes in the next few moments,I want to say that I hope to awaken as before but with a smile planted on my face.If not,I just regret that I wasn’t able to give a little happiness to what is important.

Goodbye 2015

Don’t forget to give and receive smiles.
See ya

花と花瓶-Flower and Vase

The sun is rising over my fair Tokyo morning skies.So I greet you all a grand morning,regradless of where in the world you are located.

6AM in the morning and not an ounce of sleep.Eyes are not broken but rather trained to endured the late nights and early morning hours.Like my mind has a pulse of it’s own.Soaring and racing!What can I possibly be thinking so early,huh?The answer is not quite obvious,but I try to make sense of the dissention between my body and mind.Sigh…
“What a time to truly be alive!” Is what I would’ve said,but given my current course of emotion,I’ll like a second and third opinion.

Sitting on an old and dusty shelf;a flowerless vase lies still,cracked,and covered in the abandonment’s dust.An object meant to hold,can no longer hold on to it’s sense of purpose.Faint,tainted droplets of water escapes through the cracks as if the vase were shedding tears of emptiness.Recalling the days of that precious flower held in it’s once beautiful containment.Now,That flower has been plucked away and held by a more suitable,crackless vase.Hopelessness in the moonlit dust.
The sunlight beams through,the curtains open anew,the day begins,the cracked vase is tipped upright again,the dust wiped away,oh so shiny is the blue hue,and the cracks are filled like new.”I can breathe again”
The flower that was lost can never be forgotten,but this vase is ready to hold again.”I am ready to start anew”

Well there you have it…I am
Now let me get back to drawing Finn Balor!
Until next time,take care.
Thanks for reading

When I Grow Up….

Not sure why i am constantly thinking so fondly about this or why I am composing a post about this,BUT I do find this something funny to talk about.

I remember it vividly.When I was a child no greater than the age of 7,I feared the idea of growing up and becoming this tall adult,unfit for fun,and to old to enjoy the grand adventures in the parks or family yard.The only upside of being an adult in my eyes was the fact that grownups didn’t have to go to boring school!Hahaha.Silly,right?I know.

“When I grow up..”,I vowed to myself and my siblings,”When I grow up,I won’t become a boring old uncle who hates fun stuff and kiss girls,yuck!”
My brothers vowed the same thing,but my sister just mocked us and stated,”You will become a grand uncle,boys.”
Because of her doubt of us,we each threw mud at her.mwahahaha!Three handfuls of mud bombs splashing my sister.TAKE THAT,NATSUKI,YOU BAKA!!!

fast forward to a good 5 years later,the vow to never kiss ‘yucky’ girls was broken!
First was my elder brother,Mashiro.He started dating his tutor who was one year his junior and eventually they married,then my second older brother,Toshihiko started dating on and off with different girls while he was in a band,and finally,there I stood,the proud and remaining vessel of our vow.No girls were going to ruin my freedom!!…But,I too fell victim to the charm of cute eye girl!Dang it!Hahaha.

I finally understood why my sister mocked us.We abandoned our “No girls” rule and it signaled the inevitable,we all grow up against our childhood vows.
Gone are the days of strolling the malls and laughing like maniacs.Gone are the outlandish hairstyles with bright colours.Gone are the days of no obligations to anyone but to freedom.
Fast forward to present time…

My elder sister,Natsuki has a 4 year daughter (who is my lovely little angel),and is a highly respected chef in Kyoto.

My elder brother,Mashiro is married,worked as a stock broker and for a financial firm,because he was a math wizard.Unfortunately,he lost his battle with cancer two years ago.

My second brother,Toshihiko is engaged and set to marry his fiancé in December!That baka actually found someone who can understand his alien behaviour!Amazing!

Last,there is me.I’m an old guy who pretty much works six days a week unless there is a national holiday,i don’t go out,and I am not married!Woooo

One conclusion that I have reached is; cherish your childhood,take care during your teenage years,and evolve during your young adult years.Why?Because the old man/woman is counting on those three terms to be very memorable.

Until next time,Stay young!

Hai Professor!

Friendships are elements of life that no one can ever predetermine will take place or what will happen once you experience it.For that mysterious caution alone,friendship is one element of life that is absolutely a MUST have for anyone.Even grumpy people ne.
Still post is to celebrate one of the weirdest friendships that i have encountered and most grateful for.

I met you last year around the summer season and how it started was one of the most random ways ever.
I recall tweeting a picture out of my pet turtle,Bowsers.Yes,named after the Super Mario tweeted out a photo of the little guy and i received a comment on it stating her opinion about the type of species of turtle it was.After that,we starting direct messaging each other and i was convinced that we were learning enough about the other to consider it a budding friendship,but that wasn’t the case at all!I was informed that she was studying me for her class paper!Waaaaa!
I was upset upon learning that news,but the only thing I asked was, “Are we even friends?” Hahaha.I was legitimately confused at that point and afterwards was followed by awkwardness towards each other,but we kept communication alive and I am glad we did.

We eventually moved pasted being awkward to one another and started being more comfortable as real friends.
What’s more,i learned she was related to a very good friend of mine!How surprising!She even brought communication back between that old friend and I.I couldn’t be more happier!Thank you!I truly am grateful of you.

Today is my now good friend’s birthday.She is equally old and full of wrinkles as i am!Hahaha!Hush up!2 months and 15 days mean nothing yo!Lol.
I truly appreciate our not conventional friendship.I appreciate the fact that you are scary smart.I appreciate the fact that you opened your heart to accept this weird guy as your friend.
Thank you for being a dear friend,Professor Bri.
Happy birthday.


So,Tomorrow is my birthday.Do I say queue the “誕生日おめでとう-Happy Birthday” greetings?NO WAY!!

The name of my post is “30!?Goodbye my 20s”
If you can guess my angst from that title alone,congratulations.If not,then i’ll reluctantly sound it out for you……I,Shinobu Kyosuke is turning 30 years old tomorrow yo!!Noooooooo!
I have no issue with aging in itself,It’s the fact that I don’t won’t to be mocked for it,nor do I desire to hear the early “grandpa” jokes that will surely flood my life tomorrow.Sigh.I guess it really can’t be helped ne?

I will say this,my 20s were probably my most enduring,action packed,fun,mistake filled times of my life yo!I fell in love,lost it,had a dream job,lost it,improved upon my gifts,had strained relationship with family member,Lost my elder brother to cancer,made some awesome friends from Singapore,been greatly inspired by my pandachan,befriended a sharp tongue busy writer,and last but not least,I got hit by a car that put me in a coma for 2 months yo!Wooooo!What a ride it’s been ne?Heh

Do I have any wishes for my 30th year?Not really.I only want to see my family,friends,and associates succeed in their lives.No matter what they do,i want them all to be happy yo.
So you can consider that somewhat of a wish ne?

Here’s to olden age,You sly bastard!You’ve finally caught the masked monkey,huh?hahaha.
Until next post.
Take care.


Hello world and happy 2015!
Still feels weird saying “2015” considering it still feels alot like 2014 ne.haha.Anywho,this is just a short entry i wanted to post concerning sharing my entries outside of WordPress.

I think i have about close to 40 followers of my blog now and i couldn’t be more excited that people find my musings interesting.(If that is the case).Also,as i continue to attract more viewers and followers,i noticed that my post are being shared via twitter,facebook,and even the occasional blogger and G+.I am totally cool with sharing my entries.Just hopefully it’s shared positively.That’s all i wanted to talk about.It’s totally cool with me if people want to share my content.

On that note,happy new year and lets strive to achieve our goals yo!
Until next post