Soy Sobrio!

NO I am not drinking or anything.I feel highly energetic and motivated to do so many things at once,but i’m mentally burning myself out in the process lol.Isn’t that funny!?Not a bad problem to have,in my opinion.I’m having a ton of fun at 5 in the morning,or should I say: a las cinco de la mañana.I’M LEARNING SPANISH BTW!

The video I posted is by a person/group by the name of Tommy ’86 and the song is called: “Why Did I Say Goodbye”.It’s an absolute jam to listen to,especially when you are alone and just chilling or if you just want a reason to dance!Whatever it is,it’s a damn good song!

Anyways,i have seriously started studying Spanish and I am enjoying it the more I dive into the language.I guess it helps that I am half-way decent in English,because Spanish sentence structures aren’t that different than their English counterpart.So I am grateful that I am able to pick this up so rapidly,because I want to be able to communicate with many people worldwide without barriers!I feel selfish sometimes,because I actually think I sound sexier speaking Spanish,than my native Japanese lol!Don’t ask me how or why,I’m just a baka,KING BAKA,in fact!!

I’m going to study a bit more now,because why not?!I can’t help but feel excited when I’m learning yo!The sun is slowly rising and my eyes aren’t falling at all!Bummer.Music,Candy,and Spanish til I fall yo!

P.s I added some links to the side of my page that will direct you to my personal Facebook,Twitter,and Instagram.REACH OUT TO ME,PEOPLE!!No really,you don’t have to.I’m quite shy.^-^v

Thank you for reading


Good afternoon my long deserted blog!!
I have some time so im just going to do a quick review

I am officially 31 years of age.I am steadily growing old by a landslide!!Some say that I should embrace my advancing age because wisdom comes with sure about that one.I feel weaker in the brain more than before.

I spent a month and a half in America and maaaaan was it a strange experience!lol.

Most importantly: Im learning Spanish!!Im progressing rapidly and in no time,I’ll be able to bully my gf in her native language!!Wish me luck!^.^v


Red Thoughts

I’ve considered yesterday
I’m debating tomorrow
Resting beside the Krimson river
Reflections of a life bare afloat

It’s only me
It’s only you
It’s only who
It’s only death

Take my hand
Plunge into the Krimson river
Lets drown anew
If only it’s with you

I am smiling
You all are crying
The skies are silent
It’s only Krimson death

関係ない美-Irrelevant Beauty

Good morning,all.

I have a few free moments before I depart for my morning job.Yes indeed.I am currently working two jobs and i am honestly happy with this job.I mean,the pay isn’t much,but I love interacting with the customers and my coworkers are pretty good people themselves.
My main job subjects me to see,hear,and acknowledge the same three people all year round without outside influences.It gets kind of dull interacting with the same daily,but i love that job.
My new job has given me the opportunity to meet new people.Be they young,old,happy,angry,Japanese,or foreign.It’s an overall fun experience,but i will admit that my sleep schedule has taken a hit.Ouch!

I see things in life differently now.The world is no longer black and white when you stop caring so much about “me me me Me!”You can sit back and watch the world around you.You appreciate the green grass in the spring,the leaf colours in autumn,the silent beautiful snow,the children dreading school work,young couples enjoying their shy dates,etc.
The fact is;there is a great degree of beauty in irrelevance.Once you stop thinking about yourself so much and cherish the passing seconds of life,you start to glow a bit more.

Thank you for reading.
Time for work,so until next time..
See ya!


Hello my dear lonely blog.Did you miss me?

I will be back to blogging most soon.I apologize for the delay.Forgive me.
I have some fairly exciting news…..I will start my first day at my SECOND job tomorrow!!!Yoshi!Nothing to be happy for.I’ll just be a salesman yo!Wahahaha

That is all I have for now.But i do promise that my next entries won’t be so short and vague.
Until next post
Stay happy and healthy
Ja ne yo!

The Giant-巨人

it’s been a long hour since I last updated this blog.My apologies.Life happens and you just happen to tread along the path it constructs.But enough that.I just want to empty my mind today.

Have you ever had the feeling of a giant?Not in the sense of height nor being such a towering body to behold.I am referring to the feeling of feeling like you are in such a great mood,a high if you would,and there is absolutely nothing that could shake you down from that feeling?
Well,long ago I had that feeling and I must say,what a mighty long fall it has been since that time ago.
I mean,I used to feel invincible,confident,unrelenting,and just overall happy.I was a modern day giant amongst my angst-ridden peers.I was that guy who felt he could “high 5” the sun and expect no burns.I even had the most absurd catchphrase whenever someone asked if I had doubts about myself.I would tell that person, “I will pierce the stars!”

Fast forward to today,and the only feeling of such high that remains is the fall from such a high place.A fall that isn’t one aiming to quickly burn you out and crash you back to reality,no.It’s the type of fall that is reflective in nature and forgiving of your cockiness,but lets it be known that no light shines bright forever.
For the longest of time while living my daily life and taking the mood-induced fall,I ask myself,”Why do we even have a word as ‘forever’?”.It’s bullshit at best and false way to convince not your audience,but your fleeing ego that you can try without much certainty.

I realised that there is much I want but can never possibly obtain,yet I yank the chain of fate hoping that I can alter the course of time and have my way.Silly man!Things aren’t that simply anymore.You learn defeat is a way of improvement and learn to understand that “pain” is the most influential drug you can never become sober of.
Why do I know or think like this?It’s because I used to be a giant.

Oh what a mighty long fall……


Good afternoon,blog of mine

This place seems to be the only place where I can feel a peace without a feeling of backlash coming my way.Wait,who knows?Maybe my post will get get me in trouble ne?We’ll see.Lets get started.

I like to believe that the weather is a tie-in with my life.And if Tokyo’s humid and wet weather is any indication,my life is predictably unstable.Yuck!
With that unstable ground comes the thoughts of what went wrong or what is currently wrong.I am by no means “perfect” but people have their opinions of you and once they are opinionated,it’s hard to do anything without feedback.Fine by me yo!

I constantly follow the same routine daily; sleep,wake up,prepare for work,go to work,draw,sleep,and repeat.
I am not bothered by my predictable lifestyle.In fact,I am highly comfortable with it yo!……But people like to dissect every little thing you do.Like that class biology subject,you will be picked apart,piece by piece.Little mistakes are under the microscope and what is in the eye of the “beholder” is something SO big,so it’s unreasonably blown out of proportion.But,trolls feed on the activity that you give back ne?So what happens when you stop reacting?It pisses off the trolls and they shuffle back into the shadows waiting for the next series of events to sink their teeth into.That’s life!Or so they say ne

What am I ranting about?I have no clue.I just missed blogging yo!Wahahaha!
But seriously,life is too short to care what is said or thought about you by the masses.Who are they?Just a bunch of people same as everyone else.Life is what you make it,and I decided to make it nice and silent.Do I care if I’m disliked?Wait,i don’t care to be liked.I’m not from Hollywood yo!Do I want to hear positive reviews of myself?Only if they are staring back at me through the mirror.Does echoing gossip effect me?Oh,i’m sorry.I was too busy blasting my ears with Utada Hikaru songs yo!
Life is simpler that way yo!Believe me

Whether you are unstable or stable,BE YOU
Emo or happy-go-luck,BE YOU
Old and alone,BE YOU
Dancing in your underwear on a Friday night without a care in a world,BE YOU
Let the trolls bark at the flaws.Bear no claws and just draw yo!Thats what I always say.

P.S I am on a complete wrestling binge lately yo! WWE NXT IS SO DAMN GOOD!!Hehehe

Until next post(that makes sense)

Welcome To The Matrix



Is where I been all of this time yo!Haahaha.Hello everyone.Well,I should say,Good early morning everyone.It’s about 7 minutes away from 4AM at the time of writing and I am dead tired and sick yo!Fever is kicking my ass all over this room.

Actually,I was struck by a car 3 months ago after walking home from work,buuuuut…I never made it home from work yo!hehe,I nearly had my soul knocked from my body yo!Maybe it did happen,because I actually was in a coma for 2 months (most of January and February).Bad news for my haters,I AM STILL ALIVE YO!!!MWAHAHAHAHAH!

Anywho,It’s been a crazy reality since I reopened my eyes,and I will tell you all why,but not into detail.
I actually woke up to bad news(that I totally caused) and with that,I hurt and disappointed two people that have known me for years.There is a reason they should hate my guts,but I do once again say,I am sorry.
Secondly,I befriended someone really cool,and sharp tongue baka.Hahahahah.She is my punching bag but a cool writer who is cho lazy.Maybe more lazier than me yo!
Lastly,A dear friend I feared would never return has came back and I am beyond words to describe my joy for that return yo!SPEECHLESS yo!

With that said,Welcome to the matrix,KYOSUKE!!lol.
I’ll be blogging more regularly now that my hands and coordination skills have returned yo!
Until next post,Take care everyone


Good afternoon,my dear blog.Holder of all my thoughts and ramblings.Did you miss me?Well,I certainly missed you!

Hahahahaha!I’m a silly monkey sometimes ne.Well,just a little update,I will be updating my blog soon.So expect more nonsense soon.
Until then,take care everyone.
Ja ne!