病気日-Sick Day

Good morning my dear blog.I come to you lacking in both sleep and health.Seems to be a progressing theme throughout the years ne?Maybe its just my imagination yo!Whatever it is,its been a very fascinating two weeks for me.

I have been suffering from terrible migraines for about 3 weeks now.They aren’t always migraines but rather lingering headaches that trend from mild annoyances to throbbing hell in my cranium.At first I talked to my mother about this because she was a neurosurgeon and she could shed some light on my ailment.I was just under the impression that it was just a result of my poor eye sight that has followed me since early childhood.Yes,I used to wear glasses as a kid.Wasn’t fun.Funny,but definitely not fun.Anyways,she filled me in on the possibility that i could have an aneurysm which is not to be taken lightly.I guess anything dealing with the brain is no small matter ne?So i went and got a test done on my head and it was found that i have some minor swelling on my brain.Nothing lethal but me being inept in this department made me start writing my will.lol.

On top of the brain thingy,I am battling hayfever and inflammation of my throat!Ugh!So I am stuck in bed when I could be out making money!It wouldn’t be so bad if I could sketch.I know some will say: “What’s stopping you!?” Well i will tell you;I’ve hit the proverbial “wall”.My headphones broke which takes away my intimate music listening experience,which then disrupts the harmonic swaying of creativity in my head,and that leaves my hands utterly rhythmless.It’s rough!
So That’s how my days have been lately,chaotic and frustrating.My girlfriend has been giving me some really good advice that i am implementing in order to better myself.I doubt she will pleased to learned that i totally denied my medication’s drowsy effect in order to stay awake and watch Super Smash Bros tourney (Sorry sweetheart)lol.Which has been great by the way!



Good afternoon,Reader(s)

As I sit on this train ride to work,I’ve seemed to be hit with an inspiration for a blog entry.I don’t quite understand what is so inspiring about a packed train ride to a destination i mostly spend my days,but it happens most often than not.So let me elaborate on my inspirational mood

Everyone is equipped with an original personality whether it’s welcomed or openly despised,It’s our own charm or alarm.But have you ever wondered why certain people you know are the way that they are?Do you ever catch yourself drifting ever so deeply in the spiraling questions as to how a certain personality came to be?
I will admit that I am most intrigued by human behaviour and psychology.It’s going to be a theme of my very first written title someday.But,my interest goes beyond the general consensus that; “he/she is weird,he/she is kind,or he/she is a jerk.”

Why does one act in a weird manner?Why does one carry themselves kindly?What makes that “jerk” tick?
Those are the questions I often find myself asking.Will i ever have an answer?No.Am I satisfied without having resolution?Of course!
Sometimes there are reasons for everything that are not meant to be understand.Maybe the truth isn’t always a welcomed open forum for all to be made aware of.

Privacy is a rare shelter given the age social media popularity.This post all,snap all,share all era is so vast that it is almost impossible to be quiet or reserved.There are internet personalities that thrive off the attention but most of the time,those idols are nothing more than just an “act”.
It’s very easy to pretend to be anything or anyone when you don’t have to be close to everyone who praises you from afar.
So originality is a fleeing concept.

For those that know me,I will never fail to be known as weird,maybe a jerk,maybe a oddy,maybe distant,but never forget these words; “I am who I am.There will never be a single soul able to imitate or recreate my personality”.
As for why I behave the way I do,Who knows.As far as I am concerned,My actions make me feel like me,Kyo.
Keep an open mind yo!
Don’t think too deeply about another personality unless you are ready for madness.

Until next time,Thank you for reading


Welcome…yeah it’s been a long minute.Let me break it down if y’all still with it.

I am not a rapper.I was just quoting Mike Shinoda on his song “Welcome”.But anyways,WELCOME to my latest entry!
I know,i know!It’s been months since I last gave attention to my blog and I am truly sorry for the drought.Life his been a hectic ride yo!And I must say,two jobs doesn’t entitle me to much free time.Ugh!But,I still have my health and that is why I stopped complaining yo!

It’s funny,I feel like I am in one of those spring time dramas where the lead character is led to believe one element of reality but in all actuality,It’s just a familiar element tricking that lead into believing a false new element.Hahaha.
Are you confused yet!?So am I!But I have a pretty good grasp on the situation at hand and I am oe with it.Seriously,”ride the wave,Kyosuke!” is what I tell myself.Sometimes,you have to learn to not take life so seriously ne?Just whip your hair out and kick your feet up and breathe in that precious oxygen yo!Hahahahah.

Enough of my babbling.i truly missed posting here.Why?Because I just love the idea of leaving floating messages without a direct recipient.Oh what fun ne!?
Anywho,How are you all lately?2016 treating you well?How is your careers?Kids?families?

Also,To everyone whose birthdays I failed to acknowledged,I apologize and I wish you all a wonderful and successful new year in your lives.Go forth and never look back with doubt yo!

Until next post(or shall I say;)Until my next off day
Take care,Everyone!


Good afternoon,blog of mine

This place seems to be the only place where I can feel a peace without a feeling of backlash coming my way.Wait,who knows?Maybe my post will get get me in trouble ne?We’ll see.Lets get started.

I like to believe that the weather is a tie-in with my life.And if Tokyo’s humid and wet weather is any indication,my life is predictably unstable.Yuck!
With that unstable ground comes the thoughts of what went wrong or what is currently wrong.I am by no means “perfect” but people have their opinions of you and once they are opinionated,it’s hard to do anything without feedback.Fine by me yo!

I constantly follow the same routine daily; sleep,wake up,prepare for work,go to work,draw,sleep,and repeat.
I am not bothered by my predictable lifestyle.In fact,I am highly comfortable with it yo!……But people like to dissect every little thing you do.Like that class biology subject,you will be picked apart,piece by piece.Little mistakes are under the microscope and what is in the eye of the “beholder” is something SO big,so it’s unreasonably blown out of proportion.But,trolls feed on the activity that you give back ne?So what happens when you stop reacting?It pisses off the trolls and they shuffle back into the shadows waiting for the next series of events to sink their teeth into.That’s life!Or so they say ne

What am I ranting about?I have no clue.I just missed blogging yo!Wahahaha!
But seriously,life is too short to care what is said or thought about you by the masses.Who are they?Just a bunch of people same as everyone else.Life is what you make it,and I decided to make it nice and silent.Do I care if I’m disliked?Wait,i don’t care to be liked.I’m not from Hollywood yo!Do I want to hear positive reviews of myself?Only if they are staring back at me through the mirror.Does echoing gossip effect me?Oh,i’m sorry.I was too busy blasting my ears with Utada Hikaru songs yo!
Life is simpler that way yo!Believe me

Whether you are unstable or stable,BE YOU
Emo or happy-go-luck,BE YOU
Old and alone,BE YOU
Dancing in your underwear on a Friday night without a care in a world,BE YOU
Let the trolls bark at the flaws.Bear no claws and just draw yo!Thats what I always say.

P.S I am on a complete wrestling binge lately yo! WWE NXT IS SO DAMN GOOD!!Hehehe

Until next post(that makes sense)

Price of Life

Good morning.
This post will be a simple entry about my thoughts on the riots/protest happening around the world.Don’t get me wrong,I am not a journalist nor a political blogger.I just felt like I need to say something.

I like to consider myself a junkie for all things world news.Since my high school days,I have always been intrigued by the news coming out from all parts of the world.It’s like a lesson on culture and events outside of Japan and for me,it’s educational.Good or bad,it shapes my thought process.With that being said,I have been reading much about the world,and lately,it’s not for good reads.Most of it is just sad and depressing.

Around this time last year,I was hearing none stop stories about the super typhoon Haiyan and the Philippines and international efforts to help those most affected by the storm’s wreckage.
This year,all I hear about is death death DEATH!From the ebola crisis,to the ISIS threat,and most disappointingly,Human caused deaths.
The latter is the point of this post.Human hands stained with blood.Every few weeks or so since the start of summer,the news would reveal that ISIS has beheaded another foreign journalist(mostly Western).Then the pro democracy protest in Hong Kong went from peaceful shouts and signs to fist being thrown.Last not we forget the rioting in the US after the killing of an unarmed black teenager at the hands of a police officer.

Don’t ask me my opinions on these topics because I have no individual opinion on these topics.I can only change what I can control,but waking up to a world that is always in steady unrest created by the hands of the human race is far beyond compelling.
We live in a world where cause-and-effect is going to forever be ace.No action goes unnoticed and when such action is noticed,it breeds even further action.In these cases,the actions taken have been violent,destructive,and damning.
Everyone is responsible for his or her actions and you can not fault nor use a situation to show your ugly behavior to the world.The media has made it a tread in which,what is displayed is often imitated and the world is very impressionable in this era.But what is disturbing is the fact that peace is always tossed around but no one is willing to fully summit to the idea of a peaceful resolution.We have a responsibility to handle unjust laws or events accordingly,but to handle the unjust with more unruly actions only creates more chaos.This is a time when “think before you act” should be the slogan of the year.

Dear world,if we ever want change and justice,please lay down the groundwork for justice and change to freely flow along our path of life.After all,not only are we setting our own daily lives ablaze,we are creating a toxic habitat for our offspring in the future.They are the ones who suffer most if we can’t find peace within dark times.
Be a voice of change,be a march of peace,and be the giver of a brighter tomorrow.
Hope is never gone,it’s only visible if you are willing to look for it.

Thank you for reading.

Unyielding Bonds

My second post in 3 days ne?Woooo!I am on a roll yo!Haha…this post isn’t going to be insane like the last,but nonetheless,still very me-ish.lol.
My topic will be about friendship.Why?All because of anime yo!

For the last week or so,I have been on an anime binge.Well,I only have been finishing up the last seasons of Bleach and catching up with Naruto Shippuden.”What!?You are just now finishing up on those anime?!Bu..bu..but you are in Japan!”Don’t you give me that all-Japanese-watch-anime nonsense yo!To be quite frank with you all,I have always preferred Manga over anime.
For those who don’t know what a glorious manga is,a Manga is a published comic books,mostly in black and white shade,sometimes in colour but more the former than the latter,You have to READ the story and character dialogue, and most importantly,It’s freakin uncensored!!Pure awesomeness yo!
Then you have anime…some will argue that it’s more “popular” than manga.Ummm…oke…To each his own ne.Anyways,anime doesn’t require you to read a damn thing,unless you are watching a subbed version,its “bright” and the characters’ hair literally blows in the wind yo!!!Amazing ne!Its OVER 9000!!!
I personally,don’t watch anime at all…well,recently I have since I’ve gotten sick.Primarily I read the manga,because for me,it’s more impactful and exciting than anime adaption
Anyways…onto my main topic.

Naruto Shippuden is the second half of the Naruto manga series,and it follows Uzumaki Naurto as he journey and train hard to become his village’s Hokage(Strongest ninja in the village)and to also retrieve his friend,Uchiha Sasuke,whom left the village seeking revenge.Basically,Naruto grew up without parents and was a host to the Nine tails demon fox,which caused the villagers to shun him as a monster child.Later on,he befriended Haruno Sakura and Sasuke,whom he later grew a very strong friendship with the latter.When Sasuke left the village,Naruto trained for three years for the sole purpose to retrieve his rogue friend,and throughout the series,he encounters an even more sinister Sasuke,who has no desire to return to his former home,nor reestablish his bond with Naruto.With that reality and disheartening revelation,Naruto momentarily feels defeated but never once gives up on Sasuke.
The biggest point of the Naruto series is,”How far would you go for your cherished bond(s)?”

Yes,I gathered all of that from reading/watching the Naruto series.”How far will you go for your cherished bonds?”,is the question and I find it to be a very intriguing inquiry.
People make acquaintances,become friends,some becomes best friend(s),or higher,lovers,life partners,or bitter enemies.No matter what situation or part of the world we are located,we all have bonds that shape our daily lives.But the question is,how far will you go for those bonds?
Some people who fall in love,they will buy a ring and purpose to their partners to show how far they will go for loving that person,some might get a tattoo of that person’s name on their body,or worst,some inflict body harm upon themselves to prove that being in/out of love with that person hurts far more worst than the pain they are self-inflicting.
In regards to friendship,some people invite their friends to movies,arcade,etc to let that person know that their presence is greatly enjoyed,rather than spent lonesome,some people treat their friends like family,showing how deeply that person is rooted in their lives,and in some cases,some people become so used to their friends that they begin to dislike being around them,creating enemies out of an once pure bond.

Forming bonds is an inevitably part of life.Even the one kid in high school that says he/she is truly alone,really isn’t alone.Bonds can be physical,visional,spiritual,sometimes imaginative.Bonds make a boring stroll in the park,a great jolly time.It can turn a rainy day into a sunshine on the inside type of setting.But not all bonds are golden.Some bonds can make you feel as if you are floating and when they are gone,you are left missing them to the point of tears,drinking/drug usage,and sometimes self harm/suicide.
The fact that bonds direct how emotions and flow of life,will always entertain my thoughts.I am even satisfied with never coming with a logical explanation as to why bonds are so important.I like pondering.Hehe.
My question to you now is: will you be like Uzumaki Naruto and go to great lengths to prove your bond is worth fighting for?or,will you just simply carry on about with an “Easy come,easy go” attitude towards bonds in your life?
How far would you go for your cherished bonds?

Until next time,Thank you for reading
Take care