When in メヒコ!

I am sorry for the lack of posting but rest assured,I am coming back and with stories from my trip to México!Yes,I am in México currently and it’s AWESOME!!Stories from México right from the source of the chaos!Yes I was yelling the entire time!
Stay tuned!


Final Hours

This is it.This is my final hours before I board my plane to México.I am pretty nervous but then again,I am calm…. if that makes sense.I know,it’s dumb,but I can’t really explain how I have gotten to this point.
I am absolutely TERRIFIED about flying again,because there have been alot of international flight incidents lately and that doesn’t sit well with me.I am also worried about delays because the weather isn’t at it’s best for flying(please no delay!!) and I am looking forward to seeing México again.I am afraid of not properly communicating with waiters/waitresses and everyone else.Please forgive this mute baka,México.
So yeah…. I am prepared and not so prepared to be going through this again.
Wish me luck!

Dos Días

Do you remember how yesterday I pretty said that I wasn’t that excited about going back to México this time?I LIED!!I am chooooo pumped up to be back and I literally can smell some of the scents that left an impression on me from my last trip!I’m that FLIPPIN excited yo!Hahaha…. but with that excitement comes great anxiety.For one thing,flying is never a fun experience for me because…. you know… I hate heights and secondly,I have to make my way around on my own and I have to talk to people in Spanish ON MY OWN!!!AHHHHHH!I guess I’ll be around after the first few hundred screw ups lol.
I thought about getting on the buses again(it was seriously fun),but since my lack of proper Spanish and the ability to understand alot of it,Uber will be my best option.I plan to go to the movie theater a ton!Also bar-hopping Kyo will come out if retirement lol.Don’t worry,I’ll be safe yo!
Wooooooo!2 days remaining!LETS ROCK,MÉXICO!!!

Tres Días

It seemed like such a long while ago that I booked my flight to México and it was the most happiest feeling I had.I felt extremely excited to have tickets back to such a beautiful country and to show my appreciation of a certain day.Well,the situation has changed drastically and I will admit that I do have lots of regrets.I am not really looking forward to it,but here we are!Literally 3 days away from my grand return and I can’t wait to see the country again!I hope my Spanish is good enough to ask directions on my own and to order food!I am looking forward to the nightlife!Also I miss the food soooooo much!I want to go back to the zoo for the sky view and to FINAL finish the last Harry Potter film.I started a marathon of the films 2 days before my departure in April.So I am pretty stoked about finishing that and finishing the puzzle lol!
Wish me luck!

Letters From China

Starting today,I officially have 2 months off from work and you know what that means right???PAR-TAY!!!Wait…..NO!It means that it’s time to think about everything!Yeah…. free time and I have a very complex affair going on and it always starts,middles,and ends with me thinking about myself,the world,and what could’ve been.It’s boarding on insanity at this point,which is WHY I prefer to work forever than to be left with my thoughts.
Such is the case now,I exercised this morning,had my cup of tea,played some music,and then I saw an old drawing.One I haven’t seen in years and with that sight,I thought about something: My high school sweetheart!

I know it’s silly to talk or think about high school anything.Worst times of our lives ne?Acne,raging hormones,figuring out where we belong amongst our peers,and homework…. dreaded homework!I didn’t plan to think about this,but I recently read an article about coping with heartache(it’s not what you think.I love reading others’ opinions on a variety of topics).The writer encouraged any hurt person(s) to not look back on the bad times in a relationship,but relish the good times.That aligns with my general beliefs whenever someone lets me down or I lose faith in people.I try to think about their positive impacts on me,rather than the ill effects.Nonetheless,it made me gauge my overall love life and I will admit,the last 7 years have been a slaughter-fest lol!Don’t worry,I am not going around murdering my lovers,I am talking about me.I have poor taste in women and it’s evident,because for almost 7 years,I have been putting my heart on for display to these people and they tossed it wherever wasn’t in their sights lol.It’s fine,life goes on.But yeah…. it’s kinda sad.
Anyways,I was trying to think of a positive one and it goes all the way back into my high school years.Like I said… SAD!!

Ming-Na Li.I address you by name because since junior high,you have always watched over me and that continues to this very day.I don’t know how you found my blog,but I appreciate your commitment.

Ming-Na Li was my high school sweetheart and we dated for a year and 4 months.I am not going to bore you to death over specifics,but in one year at such a young age,I was exposed to pure love that I haven’t been able to find in my adult life.I have given up on being purely loved,but that is not the point here.Today,I recollected on my time with this person and how she was instrumental in my development even til this day.
We got paired together in a Chemistry class(Ha!Guess who got a degree in Biochemistry and why!?lol),because my sensei feared I was the dumbest student in his room,So Li was stuck with me.I was difficult to work with and to understand,because I was cho angsty and emo.Li was shy,quiet,and hyper intelligent.So the clashes of personality were already planted without us ever speaking.In the beginning,I would ignore her lectures and talks,so to shut her up,I would steal her glasses and wear them lol.I am very tall and she is like smurf,I would stand up and challenge her to take her eyewear if she could.Li,being a smart worker,punched me in the gut and that lowered my head enough for her to retrieve her glasses.JERK!
As time went on,I began to follow her lead,I studied hard,and my grades reflected that.My sensei was so impressed that he advanced Li from the class and he never called me Shinobaka-kun ever again.It’s not like any of it mattered,I was missing Li’s company,whom I grew very fond of,but didn’t have the courage to admit it.
Lunch time,I would go sit under a tree in the school grounds,just thinking about how much I really hate chemistry,and Li popped out of nowhere to join me!It was one of the rare times that I smiled as a teen…. seriously.For a year,we shared that tree for lunch time and we would talk about our goals for the future.Li wanted to be a teacher all over the world and help children in need; I wanted to be a pro wrestler,although I have zero muscle mass and I wanted to be a mangaka.During one of our final lunches together (unbeknownst to us),Li made me promise that we would study chemistry together in college,but I scoffed at that idea because I didn’t want to go to college,but I agreed just to see her smile.
I remember it so well,on a Tuesday night in February,Li called my family phone and informed me that she would be moving back to China with her family.Wednesday would be her departure date and my heart broke in countless pieces,I cried silently,but I told her I was coming to talk to her stupid dad in the hopes to change his mind.Dumbass me,I rode my bike all the way to her home,harshly knocked on their door,her father answered,I bowed deeply,and begged him to reconsider leaving Tokyo.Li saw me,but did speak a word and then her father just said “sorry” and close the door.
I didn’t sleep at all that night,I hatched a plan to get to the airport to see Li one final time.I took the earliest train to get me to Narita airport and I ran inside with my swollen tired eyes and messy hair.My eyes scanned everywhere for the sight of my short person of interest.I started to swell up with tears because I couldn’t find her,then suddenly I recognized her pale skin and black silky hair tied up in her usual fashion.I ran so fast to the check in lines,i crawled underneath the separating barrier and I hugged her tight.She was in disbelief that some weird guy suddenly grasped her,and then she started crying and hugged me back.Her parents finished checking in,so they had to hurry,but I made sure to expose my true heart to her.I promised her that I would become a top 30 student in my entrance exams(I did),I promised I would work harder to move to China (Didn’t happen),I would make sure we attend college together (nope),and I would get a degree in Chemistry like we promised(I did).Before She let go of our final hug,I told her that I loved her…. 14 year old me saying that and she replied the same.Finally,after letting her words sink in,I watched her disappear into the crowds and our connection was lost for 16 years.

At age 14,I probably met the only person that would have ever loved me in a way that came from the heart.Ming-Na Li,thank you for being patience with this baka and thank you for stalking my blog!!Also,Thank you for the millions of letters that I NEVER received because you forgot my address all those years lol!

Thanks for reading

Memories In México: Puerto Vallarta

I think the entire purpose of me traveling to México back in March was strictly for the sake of spending 4 days in Puerto Vallarta.Let me tell you,it did not disappoint!I mean the fever on the 2 hour bus ride there and missing WrestleMania (Yeah I missed it for you,baka!lol) couldn’t strip away how much I absolutely enjoyed Puerto Vallarta!I now understand why tourist flock to that place.
Without further ado,my memory in México: Puerto Vallarta!

What would a Kyo story be without some last minute,poorly prepared shenanigans ne?Well you are in luck!So the night before the trip to Puerto Vallarta,I decided I would pack what little I had in the morning… yeah it wasn’t a great idea.We had to get to the bus station by 7am(I think???),so we agreed to wake up at 5am,but I don’t think neither of us paid attention to our alarms because we never slept!I think my friend slept maybe an hour or less,but we were walking around like zombies scrambling to get our bags and ourselves together!I didn’t sleep because I am addicted to the streaming app “Twitch”,yes yes… I am a nerd,but I was also feeling extremely chilly and as I said before,México is warm,even at night.So it was strange and some weird stomach cramps followed!I thought I was dying yo!Spoiler alert: I survived!Anyways,we managed to drag our asses through traffic and got to the bus station.I would say after waiting for about 30 minutes,our bus arrived,we showed our tickets,checked in our luggage,they gave snacks (!!!yay!!!),and boom,we were on a comfortable bus!We were able to watch movies on the bus,but I couldn’t because the lady sitting in front of me decided to recline her seat towards me!I was upset,but thankful for bone-thin frame,otherwise I would be a human tomato!My friend fell asleep,snoring the entire time lmao,I couldn’t sleep because I was busy being annoyed by Ms.Recline and just being in awe of the scenery.

Finally,after a 2 hour ride,our bus stopped and we reached Puerto Vallarta!We called an uber to our airbnb,but because of some weird feud,taxi drivers won’t allow ubers anywhere near bus stations or airports!Anyways,we met the host of the bnb,got a tour,and that place was gorgeous!!After getting settled in,I immediately crashed after showering because of my lingering fever and my friend was ever so kind enough to grab us KFC!I owe her a million thanks.While she was away,I figured out the channel that showed wrestling,so I was cho happy lol!
Anyways,The second day,we went to local place she used to eat at to get food.I didn’t eat because my stomach goes through a weird phase while recovering from illness,so I sat cho envious lol.After she finished her meal,we shopped around for stuff we could play with on the beach!Yes,two adults looking for beach toys…. what a time to be alive ne.So we ended up not buying the toys,so we took a bus to a supermarket called “Walmart” and it was filled with so many American people yo!I thought Americans didn’t exist in México lol.But,the reason I bring up this place is not for the shopping or the cheap beer we scored,but for the fact that this baka(my friend) bought an ice cream from McDonald’s,licked it,and somehow spilled it all over herself LMAO!!I literally died of laughter and couldn’t help teasing her about it for the remainder of the shopping lol.
We got back,took a nap,,woke up,got dressed,and headed downtown to the boardwalk and that place was DREAM!!There were cool shops everywhere,a Starbucks,McDonald’s,night clubs that had costumed workers trying to convince women to join their club,a nightclub that had a huge single person swing that swings outside into the crowd,and FOOD EVERYWHERE!!I had never been to a boardwalk in my life,so I was completely overwhelmed and amazed,my friend seemed to be on a mission lol.Not sure why she was so intense,but she’s the leader.The difficult part was finding food at a reasonable price.We wanted to eat at a place that served drinks and food at a decent price,so I allowed the budgeting master work her magic and we finally found a nice place!I had great food,unfortunately the staff kept missing the mark with my friend.I felt so bad.I’m sorry.
After eating,we walked around some more and there were great sand sculptures everywhere(the one in the photo above),performances,the sounds of the waves crashing on shore,the sea breezed air,and the overall festive atmosphere made that night unforgettable for me.

The third day was beach day!I don’t know why,maybe it’s because I took too long showering that morning,but we were so bitchy with each other all the way up until actually being on the beach lol!We stopped to eat breakfast (her) and she was still upset with me,but the waiter put a poncho on me and with my strawhat,it made her chuckle and snap a pic ugh!At least she wasn’t mad at me anymore so yay!So we FINALLY got to the beach,feeling the warm sand still follows my feet to this very day, the waves crashed suddenly against our legs,and she let out a cho loud scream lol!What a big baby!We went to an area that was like a bar on the beach!Paying customers got nice umbrella-shaded seats and everyone else got meh seats.Still,the beach was so much fun!I don’t think my friend enjoyed it that much because she wanted to go swimming.
We got back to the bnb,grabbed some beers,and headed to the pool!Yes,we had a pool,be jealous!Please don’t.I sat next to the pool because I can’t swim,true story.So I just watched my mermaid friend swim around while I drank my delicious beer.
Later that day we went to a nice local restaurant and I had some AMAZING Mexican dishes!To this very day,I still can’t eat anything here because I miss the food so much!:( Thank you for taking me to that place!

The next day,it was time to go back to Guadalajara.It was sad leaving beautiful Puerto Vallarta,but I kinda missed Guadalajara.So we got our snacks,luggage checked in,and boarded the bus.The funny thing is,we were literally the first few people on the bus and we could’ve had any seat we wanted,although the seats are on the tickets.Didn’t matter!We chose the back seats to be away from everyone and positioning of the seats were perfect as to not catch so much sunlight.My friend,the star of this trip,allowed her guilty conscience to make us forfeit our perfect seats!How was her honesty rewarded?The guy seated in front of her reclined all the way back to her knees,he was loud,the elderly group wouldn’t stop talking literally,and a little girl kept standing up by our seats and staring at us lol!My friend was cho pissed off,but I found it hilarious!
Thus ending our Puerto Vallarta trip.It was fun!

Memories In México: Fun At Home

Oke oke,I had a rough night that resulted in me not sleeping(still awake),drinking coffee(lol),and fuming over getting beat into drinking because of a stupid home game!I am cho serious!Sooooo this post is going to highlight some of my favourite times in México that didn’t require me to be outside(I hate socializing and outdoors).Sometimes the best times can be spent indoors with a good tv show,board games,and just good memes!
Without further ado,my memories in México: Fun at home!

México is a beautiful country with such scenic delights.From the architecture to the traditional handmade items,the food,the people,and the overall atmosphere is something I recommend everyone experience at least once,if you haven’t already.There exist beauty all outside your morning walls,waiting to be discovered.However,this post is going to discuss how this INTROVERT had a blast doing indoors activities with his friend lol.

One of the first things my friend wanted to do when I got to México was to fire up netflix and watch Breaking Bad.Do I really even need to summarize the story for you?Hahaha given its immense global popularity,you all know what I am talking about.I had never seen the show,because I am one of those people that will flat out refuse to watch,wear,or do something because its the “in” thing to do at present.So I missed the hype train for the series,but I was always curious.My opinion now?I LOVE THAT SHOW!You have no idea how immersed in the drama,characters,and actions I became!We literally watched an entire season in one day while eating dominos pizza and papas gajos!I miss it already!!I think we finished the series in 10 days max and we cried our eyes out at the ending scene LITERALLY lol!A giant embrace and faces full of tears at such a beautifully,tragic end to a brilliant story!I went out a bought that awesome mug that I showed in a few post ago (it’s broken now…sigh) and a badass blue crystal Walter White tee shirt!Breaking Bad will always remind me of my first true memory of México.

This particular day actually involves some outside traveling.We originally decided to just stay inside and watch more Breaking Bad,but we wanted a break from the series.So we went out and bought some nail polish.Yes,I wear nail polish because it’s awesome and I chose purple and gray,but I didn’t bring my purple back to Tokyo!I’m still mad!Anyways,we also picked up a puzzle,yes we were doing a puzzle,and a game called Rummi.We wanted to find the card game Uno but it was an empty find.This baka friend of mine was so flippin indecisive on what game she wanted and I am sure we ran back forth from the game isle to the check out lane over 10 times!I wanted to kick her yo!Anyways,we got back inside,and we decided to play Rummi,while also turning it into a drinking game…. Biiiiiiig mistake!So the basic concept of Rummi is to blindly draw 10 tiles per player and the objective of the game is to be the first player to run out of tiles.Our custom rule was: The loser,had to take a shot of Jack Daniels (?).So I was pumped because I am a game wizard and thus the game began to the background music of the band “Disturbed”!We played 6 games and I LOST ALL 6!!Literally I lost 6 games in a row and it resulted in 5 shots!It was only 1 less because she felt bad for me and she took half a shot,such a baby.
So buzzed from the shots,we decided to watch videos on her phone.Given the inebriated state we were slightly in(mostly me),the videos were all the more fascinating,we watched some Dr pimple popper vids on youtube,so shock value vids(yikes),and then we watch a compilation video of memes and we laughed the night away lol.It was glorious and one of my best indoors memory.

We did start the puzzle,but had to undo it because of the trip to Puerto Vallarta(Next post!) and unbeknownst to me,I was given one of the pieces in my luggage!!Baka!Now I have to finish it yo!Oh,on another night,we drank and watched a cooking show on Netflix called “Nailed It” and it featured people with no cooking skills from various professions competing to be the golden chef!It was hilarious because we took a drink everytime this one guy said ” and we’re give it a day in court” whenever he completed one part of his task lol!Thanks to that,I ended up in women’s clothing lol…. Don’t ask.

…. Good times!


I just HAD to post this foto because I mentioned in my last post(I think??),about how this shirt made zoo workers believe I was a pro Overwatch player lol!I love this shirt so much and I love the game also!It’s toxic AF but it’s overall fun and NEEDS to come to the Nintendo Switch!lol.So yeah,Pro Overwatch player,KnKy0!I am going to wear my Overwatch lanyard and it’s going to have my Twitter profile foto,my Twitter handle,and my Instagram handle.I want to see if anyone in México will actually follow me after glancing at it and hopefully I get some numbers too!Jk!

Anyways,10 days before I go back just to relax and test out my español!I am certain I will forget it once again as I step through customs,BUT I will bring my books!HA!I am prepared yo!Also before I embark on my wild nightlife escapades,I need to return a piece of clothing that I accidentally forget in my luggage!Since April til now,I have felt like a thief and have been hell bent on returning it!Forgive me,mama Camacho!So once all else goes wrong (it has!),returning that shirt will be a trip well worth it!
In the mean time,if any of my readers know of any awesome nightclubs,bars,pubs,and restaurants,a baka like me can get crazy and have fun,PLEASE leave me a comment!I want to live life like I have no worries!

Memories In México: Zoológico Guadalajara

So I finally found the courage to decide how I want to proceed with my blogging about my trip to México back in March.While I will have to omit a huge portion of it,I figured it would be best to blog about it in pieces,opposed to a chronological order.This post will be pretty short,but It won’t suck.I kinda promise lol.It takes place at the zoo!
So without further ado,My memories in México: Part 1

Idk why,but I was sick for the majority of the trip.I came into México hot(literally),burning up from a fever that originated in Tokyo.My only guess was the stressful nature of the trip and the purpose of it.Anyways,so yeah,I was a dead baka walking!So within the first few days of my trip,It was planned to go to the zoo!I haven’t been to a zoo since I was like 9 and I am ancient,so it was cho exciting to be going to the zoo…. in MÉXICO!
I woke up that morning feeling extremely cold,mind you that México is a hot climate country,so I knew immediately something was off.The person I was traveling with was concerned,but I assured that person that I was well enough to carry on.My first highlight was how we got there.So I traveled to Guadalajara and they have this cool bus that is like 2 travel buses conjoined together!The buses are always full of people,so seating is hard to come by.Luckily,I am accustomed to such tight travel spaces,thanks to trains in Tokyo during the work rush lol.So we got to our destination and there are BIG colourful letters that spell out “Zoológico” which means “Zoo” in español.Being sick,overwhelmed,and camera shy,I foolishly didn’t get my tourist foto taken,I suck!
we got to the admissions’ lines to pay for our tickets and the activities that we wished to partake.The cool thing about Zoológico Guadalajara is,you can take a standard (walking) trip through the zoo,a train ride that shows off the focal points of the zoo,a safari ride(which we chose also),or the one I was most fascinated with,the sky zoo!The sky zoo looks so cool,because it’s just as the name suggests,you are getting a view of zoo from the sky!You’re on ski-lifts that travels around the zoo and you get an overhead view of everything!I vowed to do that the next time I go back!
So we get inside and as we are walking,we heard music and screams!No no no!Not screams of terror,but rather screams of high octane thrills!That’s right,to the right of us was a roller coaster NEXT to the zoo!How cool and epic is that!?Although it was amazing,I couldn’t do it,thus we kept moving.Heights turns me into a chicken lol.
So as we were walking,I felt my body grow colder and weaker,but I kept going!Our first stop,the kangaroos!They are always awesome to see.I am not going to go into details about every stop,but some were cho interesting not to talk about!

We went to this reptilian show that featured a trained handler,3 members from the audience,and 3 mystery boxes containing 3 reptiles unbeknownst to the volunteers.Oh goody!So the volunteers put their hands out while staring forward at the audience,not knowing what type of animal would be put on them!The first guy got a turtle lol,the second guy got a salamander,and the poor scared lady got a SNAKE!!I was telling my travel mate that the lady was going to throw the snake out of terror lol.Luckily she didn’t!So that was a cool show and pretty funny too.Yes,I understand some of the español spoken!

The other fun thing was the safari ride!We got to skip most of the line because they were looking for couples and they saw a guy and girl together and assumed we were a couple lol.SCORE!As we boarded the train,we were given a handful of vegetables to feed the giraffes!WE TOTALLY FED GIRAFFES YO!The long neck animals actually stuck their heads inside of our vehicle to feed and a poor little girl cried because she was scared lol.The best part is also the funniest part.We were journeying through the ostrich area and one came close enough to the side of where my travel mate was seated,she tried to reach her hand out to pet it,it walked away,as our vehicle was leaving,the ostrich started running towards us,and I was so afraid it was going to attack my travel mate!It was glorious!!

So after all that fun,My fever reached it’s peak and I was on the verge of collapse,so we went and saw everything else.A funny thing is,no matter where we went,we ran into a peacock (kujaku in japanese and what we called it) literally EVERYWHERE!Each time we saw it,it gave out it’s natural cry lol!We mimicked that sound all throughout the zoo and as we were leaving,completely outside of the zoo,we heard the kujaku give us one last cry before we left and we burst into laughter!

That day was so much fun and a great memory for me!Thank you Zoológico Guadalajara for being so awesome!Huge Thanks to Mama Camacho for making the delicious lunches!!

Something Missing

This drawing is something I had fun with,but it also breaks my heart.No,the line work was completed months ago,but the colouring aspect is what cues the feelings.I know these statements are baffling,but I shall illuminate the cause of my wording.

Yesterday,for the first time in months that I’ve spent more than an hour in a home that wasn’t my own.I spent the day with my new friend and she encouraged me to bring my laptop to her place,so that we could work together.I insisted that I like to draw/colour alone,but you persisted and I just caved.So I set up my laptop,opening the colourless line art,and she suddenly asked about the back-story of this character.No one has asked me about stuff regarding my art in years,so I was taken aback.She quickly caught on that the drawing was me,but she wondered why I wanted to be alone to fill myself with colour.She wondered why I don’t “shine” as it suggest in the name of the drawing.She wondered why I am self-secluded and cold.I paused and ceased my colouring.I clenched my teeth,made sounds but words weren’t found,and I lowered my head.She asked why am I hiding my heart from everyone.I couldn’t hold my tears back and I lost control of my emotions.
Since April,I have been experiencing so much heartache,so much pain,so much disappointment,betrayal,just overall feeling like no one gave a damn about me or like my life was a joke.I put on a fake smile,I pretended I was fine,and I limited my interaction with everyone,until everyone forgot about me.I have truly been alone…..until now.She has only known me for 2 weeks and she has made me face what I have been running from since the Spring…. my broken heart.
I couldn’t negate the tears from falling and sat in front of me,lift my head up,told me it’s ok to be sad,because a good heart can never be truly broken.”Cry and clear your vision once more.Look elsewhere and find yourself.”I opened my eyes to stare at her,she smiled,left,and came back with beer for us both.Hahaha I then found the strength to finish colouring and she sat to watch me for 5 hours.I am so serious lol.

The point of this story is,I have been lying to myself about how I feel and I was faced with my true heart yesterday.It doesn’t feel good,but I guess my broken path starts now.
This drawing will always be a reminder of the day I finally acknowledged my true feelings.Thank you.