About Me

Hola,my friends!
My name is Kyosuke Shinobu and I’m a blogger,Gamer,Manga-lover,Wrestling fan,and overall lunatic from Tokyo,Japan!
I come in peace.Don’t worry!(^.^)v

Just a little info on the contents of my blog:Everything I post is experiences I have went through,currently going through,or will attempt at some point.So overall,my blog is a diary of sorts to my real life.No reality tv scripts here yo!
P.s I say “YO!” alot lol.Not in the western cool way,but in the japanese-exclamation-mark way!Don’t get confused yo!

With that said,WELCOME TO MY BLOG!
Feel free to comment,chat,hangout,or whatever.I appreciate your time
Also,if you ever want to reach out to me,links to my social sites are on the right so you can keep in touch if you choose so.
Have fun,everyone!


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