Seasons’ Greetings

Happy Holidays everyone!

Christmas has come and in a blink of an eye,it has gone.Maybe it’s just me,but this year seemed as if it hurried past my comprehension!I still remember vividly lying in the hospital in February and here we are at the end of 2015!Amazing….
Anywho,So no matter what you celebrated this holiday season,I have just one question for you all; what kind of gift(s) did you get?Was santa kind to you?Did your friends,family,or special someone give you a cheer?
Yes,I lied!I had more than one question.Oops

My Christmas was pretty tame.I don’t celebrate as i always say every was kind of somber because i didn’t hear from my close people on that day.Which is understandable.One was traveling home to the family village and the other was celebrating the life of a dearly departed loved one,whom happened to be a good friend to me.
Overall,my gift was that I somehow escaped disaster earlier this year and able to be here today blogging these words.So I am most grateful for life and i will carry on even stronger into the new year yo!

Until next post,
Have a blessed and successful new year!


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