Happy August 1st,everyone!

I took a long nap earlier in the day and I totally wasted my off day from work!Grrrr!But hey,I am a king insomniac,so my being awake fully at this time is no big surprise.
Anyhow,I just want to lie down my thoughts of the day here.

Everyone wants certainty in their life.Be it job security,financial stability,romantic placement,etc.It’s not uncommon to seek out such certainty with such serious hearts.
But,certainty is sometimes an illusion.It’s a mirage over the hot sands of curiosity.You can see it,you can hear it,therefore you trust it.It’s common human error and it’s one that leads to disappointments,tears,and broken spirits.

I am no saint when it comes to reassuring something,because I too have been guilty of the “Certainly!….Not?”,and that type of attitude has landed my bum in a lava pit more than once.
Being on both sides surely is a funny thing to experience.On one hand,you give out hoping its never returned,yet when you are on the opposing side of it,you ask yourself, “why would he/she do that!?”.
It’s a little disheartening.

It’s oke to believe in what you want,but don’t allow it to be just that,… A belief.Sometimes it’s totally normal to be skeptical,because you never know what is certain and what is not.You leave room in between you and possible disappointment.

Ah,Enough of empty ranting.I’m going to go sketch and maybe stuff my face with food at 4am!Hahahahaha.
Good night everyone.


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