When I Grow Up….

Not sure why i am constantly thinking so fondly about this or why I am composing a post about this,BUT I do find this something funny to talk about.

I remember it vividly.When I was a child no greater than the age of 7,I feared the idea of growing up and becoming this tall adult,unfit for fun,and to old to enjoy the grand adventures in the parks or family yard.The only upside of being an adult in my eyes was the fact that grownups didn’t have to go to boring school!Hahaha.Silly,right?I know.

“When I grow up..”,I vowed to myself and my siblings,”When I grow up,I won’t become a boring old uncle who hates fun stuff and kiss girls,yuck!”
My brothers vowed the same thing,but my sister just mocked us and stated,”You will become a grand uncle,boys.”
Because of her doubt of us,we each threw mud at her.mwahahaha!Three handfuls of mud bombs splashing my sister.TAKE THAT,NATSUKI,YOU BAKA!!!

fast forward to a good 5 years later,the vow to never kiss ‘yucky’ girls was broken!
First was my elder brother,Mashiro.He started dating his tutor who was one year his junior and eventually they married,then my second older brother,Toshihiko started dating on and off with different girls while he was in a band,and finally,there I stood,the proud and remaining vessel of our vow.No girls were going to ruin my freedom!!…But,I too fell victim to the charm of cute eye girl!Dang it!Hahaha.

I finally understood why my sister mocked us.We abandoned our “No girls” rule and it signaled the inevitable,we all grow up against our childhood vows.
Gone are the days of strolling the malls and laughing like maniacs.Gone are the outlandish hairstyles with bright colours.Gone are the days of no obligations to anyone but to freedom.
Fast forward to present time…

My elder sister,Natsuki has a 4 year daughter (who is my lovely little angel),and is a highly respected chef in Kyoto.

My elder brother,Mashiro is married,worked as a stock broker and for a financial firm,because he was a math wizard.Unfortunately,he lost his battle with cancer two years ago.

My second brother,Toshihiko is engaged and set to marry his fiancé in December!That baka actually found someone who can understand his alien behaviour!Amazing!

Last,there is me.I’m an old guy who pretty much works six days a week unless there is a national holiday,i don’t go out,and I am not married!Woooo

One conclusion that I have reached is; cherish your childhood,take care during your teenage years,and evolve during your young adult years.Why?Because the old man/woman is counting on those three terms to be very memorable.

Until next time,Stay young!


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