The Giant-巨人

it’s been a long hour since I last updated this blog.My apologies.Life happens and you just happen to tread along the path it constructs.But enough that.I just want to empty my mind today.

Have you ever had the feeling of a giant?Not in the sense of height nor being such a towering body to behold.I am referring to the feeling of feeling like you are in such a great mood,a high if you would,and there is absolutely nothing that could shake you down from that feeling?
Well,long ago I had that feeling and I must say,what a mighty long fall it has been since that time ago.
I mean,I used to feel invincible,confident,unrelenting,and just overall happy.I was a modern day giant amongst my angst-ridden peers.I was that guy who felt he could “high 5” the sun and expect no burns.I even had the most absurd catchphrase whenever someone asked if I had doubts about myself.I would tell that person, “I will pierce the stars!”

Fast forward to today,and the only feeling of such high that remains is the fall from such a high place.A fall that isn’t one aiming to quickly burn you out and crash you back to reality,no.It’s the type of fall that is reflective in nature and forgiving of your cockiness,but lets it be known that no light shines bright forever.
For the longest of time while living my daily life and taking the mood-induced fall,I ask myself,”Why do we even have a word as ‘forever’?”.It’s bullshit at best and false way to convince not your audience,but your fleeing ego that you can try without much certainty.

I realised that there is much I want but can never possibly obtain,yet I yank the chain of fate hoping that I can alter the course of time and have my way.Silly man!Things aren’t that simply anymore.You learn defeat is a way of improvement and learn to understand that “pain” is the most influential drug you can never become sober of.
Why do I know or think like this?It’s because I used to be a giant.

Oh what a mighty long fall……


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