Hai Professor!

Friendships are elements of life that no one can ever predetermine will take place or what will happen once you experience it.For that mysterious caution alone,friendship is one element of life that is absolutely a MUST have for anyone.Even grumpy people ne.
Still post is to celebrate one of the weirdest friendships that i have encountered and most grateful for.

I met you last year around the summer season and how it started was one of the most random ways ever.
I recall tweeting a picture out of my pet turtle,Bowsers.Yes,named after the Super Mario villain.lol.I tweeted out a photo of the little guy and i received a comment on it stating her opinion about the type of species of turtle it was.After that,we starting direct messaging each other and i was convinced that we were learning enough about the other to consider it a budding friendship,but that wasn’t the case at all!I was informed that she was studying me for her class paper!Waaaaa!
I was upset upon learning that news,but the only thing I asked was, “Are we even friends?” Hahaha.I was legitimately confused at that point and afterwards was followed by awkwardness towards each other,but we kept communication alive and I am glad we did.

We eventually moved pasted being awkward to one another and started being more comfortable as real friends.
What’s more,i learned she was related to a very good friend of mine!How surprising!She even brought communication back between that old friend and I.I couldn’t be more happier!Thank you!I truly am grateful of you.

Today is my now good friend’s birthday.She is equally old and full of wrinkles as i am!Hahaha!Hush up!2 months and 15 days mean nothing yo!Lol.
I truly appreciate our not conventional friendship.I appreciate the fact that you are scary smart.I appreciate the fact that you opened your heart to accept this weird guy as your friend.
Thank you for being a dear friend,Professor Bri.
Happy birthday.


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