Lets Sing Vol 1

This will be a regular series of mine going forward.The purpose of this type of post is to highlight a song that I am currently into at the moment and feel the need to play out loud for the WORLD!hahaha.
So without further delay,welcome to : “Lets Sing!”

Artist : Gigamesh
Song : All My Life

This song has been on REPLAY for the last 2 months after I purchased the video game : “Saints Row 4” for the PS4!
Upon hearing this song within the game,I was instantly hooked yo!I would create an in-game mixtape consisting of this one song alone and just jump from building to building,hovering in the air,or running at sound breaking speeds to the lyrics of :
All my life |
I’m always dreaming about you |
And you should know |
That you’re all my life |
And i’ll never live without you |
I’ll never run away

This song is so infectious yo!I can’t seem to turn it off,I love the game,but this song made me love it even MORE yo!My body and head sways when I sing along and I just feel good listening to it yo!
Because of all that good stuff,This song has earned the right to enter the ” Hall of Lets Sing”


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