おはようございます Good Morning

“Stand firm and shut your mouth.”
Those were my sister’s words a few hours ago.I wanted to respond with, “You shut up,baka!”,but I knew she was correct.I run my mouth a bit too much when I feel the need to try to handle certain things.My big mouth is what gets me in trouble a lot these days yo!I don’t know why I feel I must explain everything,but it comes simple to me.It’s a bad habit that I am working hard to drop now.
Note to self; “Shut your mouth,Kyosuke!

These days,I seem to have lost my mood for anything.I haven’t been updating my blog regularly,I haven’t been posting on Twitter as much lately,and I lost my drive to sketch yo!It’s a pain in my ass to be like this.Depressed and uninspired.Sigh…
Life waits for no one ne?I guess I better dust off my running shoes and blaze the path before me ne?Yes.That seems to be the best solution to my inner madness yo!Run with a strong heart,inspired mind,and piercing eyes.Let’s go!!

Well,I guess I am finished with my useless ranting.Soooooooooo,it’s time to shut off my phone and rest my insomniac head yo!I haven’t slept since arriving home from work at 3am this morning!Woooooooooo.
So I sign off with this words….
I thank you all for showing the less bit of interest in my blog.It really does mean a lot to me.Thank you all.
Until next time…
Take care
Ja mata


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