Keep Trying

Konnichiwa今日は everyone.
I hope you all are fairing much better than meよ!Haha.I am currently suffering from a predictable bout of the spring time allergies.Burning itchy thoat,watery itchy eyes,and the dreadful uncontrollable sneezingよ!Ugh!
Anyways,im not going to infect this post with banter about my allergies.So Ikuze!

I am a firm believer that everyone alive possesses some form of talent.Whether it is singing,dancing,acting,designing,speech,etc.We all possess some ability.As with every talented person,there are certain things that fires you upね?There are certain people we compete with as rivals because you feel you can compete on their level or above.I have an inspiration to why i want to get better at my craft.I’ll share a story.

The photo above is a drawing i did a few years ago for Panda’s birthday.Her Name is Eka,but she prefers Deb,but she’ll always be called my pandaよ!Hehehe.It’s a special reason and story behind that nickname.But i’ll save it for another time.
The reason why i chose this drawing out of my entire catalog of other works is due to the fact that this photo represents what i meant about a certain reason that makes you better than you usually are.
When i first met panda,we told each other our dreams and we supported each other.She wants to write a novel and i will say,she written a really good story that i hope get published soonよ!My dream is to be a mangaka(comic book artist/author).
For many years i have known her,she has been my biggest supporter.She would say “I can’t wait to see your manga in bookstore in Indonesia.”
That always made me smile and really work harderよ!A few years ago,I drew that photo for her birthday,because we have a tradition to always draw for each other,so i made it my goal to draw her something beyond my own ability.I drew that photo above for her birthday because i wanted to see her smile.
To this very day,that photo remains my best work.All because of panda.So i say to you panda,Thank you so very much for always being a great inspiration to meよ!

Whatever talents you all possess,find that reason to improve upon it and let us leave behind a beautiful creative worldよ!
Until next entry
Take care


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