Sayonara 2014

the year 2014 is within closing hours and the questions i am hearing are, “Will you celebrate tonight?”,”Did your year go as planned?”,”Any good memories you want to take into the new year?”.To simply,but honestly answer all those questions in one take….no
I don’t celebrate new year by drinking,which is within itself,a bad way to hit the ground walking,or shall i say,”stumbling” into the new year.

Did my year go as planned?If you want to be technical about it,i would say 1% yes and 99% no.Why so grey with my answer?Well,This year was filled with more disappointment and heartache than latter years.I mean,i came into 2014 from an already life altering 2013 and i really didn’t have high expectations coming into this year.
I had some expectations,don’t get me wrong,but I had zero reason that life would spin in my favour.
I would point out that the one percent that actually turned out right this year was me finding a second job.I was thrilled about that,but in the end,it was just another BS job with more headache than reward and put a strain on my personal life.
As i was engrossed in my personal life killing second job,I lost a friend along the way.That hit me,because she was a good friend,although we didn’t really communicate much during the year,i still held her in my thoughts and the news of her passing and before she passed she wished to speak to me,but i was too busy with dead end job that i missed the opportunity to thank her and say goodbye.It was and still is difficult to think about.
After I realized that my personal life was suffering due to that job,i quit and i don’t regret that decision.
A few months after that,i probably received the most heartbreaking news.My best friend passed away.I won’t elaborate on it much,but i will say this,since her passing,the way it all happened,and what i have learned since then,i haven’t been the same mentally and emotionally.I lost someone so close to me.Someone who was like a little sister to me.It’s never going to be right,but I know you are at peace.
Lastly,my relationship fell apart and I am still struggling to find the strength to piece it all back together.Sometimes you meet someone who you can’t ever forget nor leave behind.I met that someone and that is why I feel truly insane when she is gone.

With that said,how does my forecast for 2015 look?I will tell you,it will be a cloudy year with the way i feel.So my safe bet is to go into next year with no expectations and just continue to work hard.Hopefully that type of attitude will bear edible fruit ne…

Until my next entry,see you all in 2015!
Happy safe,healthy,and successful new year!
Sayonara 2014


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