Price of Life

Good morning.
This post will be a simple entry about my thoughts on the riots/protest happening around the world.Don’t get me wrong,I am not a journalist nor a political blogger.I just felt like I need to say something.

I like to consider myself a junkie for all things world news.Since my high school days,I have always been intrigued by the news coming out from all parts of the world.It’s like a lesson on culture and events outside of Japan and for me,it’s educational.Good or bad,it shapes my thought process.With that being said,I have been reading much about the world,and lately,it’s not for good reads.Most of it is just sad and depressing.

Around this time last year,I was hearing none stop stories about the super typhoon Haiyan and the Philippines and international efforts to help those most affected by the storm’s wreckage.
This year,all I hear about is death death DEATH!From the ebola crisis,to the ISIS threat,and most disappointingly,Human caused deaths.
The latter is the point of this post.Human hands stained with blood.Every few weeks or so since the start of summer,the news would reveal that ISIS has beheaded another foreign journalist(mostly Western).Then the pro democracy protest in Hong Kong went from peaceful shouts and signs to fist being thrown.Last not we forget the rioting in the US after the killing of an unarmed black teenager at the hands of a police officer.

Don’t ask me my opinions on these topics because I have no individual opinion on these topics.I can only change what I can control,but waking up to a world that is always in steady unrest created by the hands of the human race is far beyond compelling.
We live in a world where cause-and-effect is going to forever be ace.No action goes unnoticed and when such action is noticed,it breeds even further action.In these cases,the actions taken have been violent,destructive,and damning.
Everyone is responsible for his or her actions and you can not fault nor use a situation to show your ugly behavior to the world.The media has made it a tread in which,what is displayed is often imitated and the world is very impressionable in this era.But what is disturbing is the fact that peace is always tossed around but no one is willing to fully summit to the idea of a peaceful resolution.We have a responsibility to handle unjust laws or events accordingly,but to handle the unjust with more unruly actions only creates more chaos.This is a time when “think before you act” should be the slogan of the year.

Dear world,if we ever want change and justice,please lay down the groundwork for justice and change to freely flow along our path of life.After all,not only are we setting our own daily lives ablaze,we are creating a toxic habitat for our offspring in the future.They are the ones who suffer most if we can’t find peace within dark times.
Be a voice of change,be a march of peace,and be the giver of a brighter tomorrow.
Hope is never gone,it’s only visible if you are willing to look for it.

Thank you for reading.


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