The sensation of overwhelming fear,anxiety,and excitement of what is to come next can cause mental illness.Well,at least i feel that way.I have so many emotions bottled up inside and it’s making me truly feel insane,in the most honest form.It’s very tiresome

Relationship,family expectations,work,and self aspirations are the leading cause of my dense depression now.Do i go talk to someone?Do i go for a jog to melt away the smothering coat of life’s weights?No…
I simply put my music on and i drown out the depressing sounds of my life.

sometimes i wonder how i even carry on with all this madness in my mind and heart,but I also remember why i must carry on.Its in my name to survive.It’s in my name to endure these hardships.
Everyone struggle in some point in their lives,but its how we handle them,that defines us as people.
So,with that said,sleepless as i am,i will put my earphones in and continue to fight and carry on.

Thank you for reading


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