Wilted Conscious

When the walls are louder than people surrounding you,can you still claim you are sane?

My current life is much different than previous,and that is a positive thing.I feel more balanced and well rounded,but sometimes what we see as an improvement may be a flaw to others.Oi,maybe everything i have become or ever was,wasn’t good enough for the public eye and conscious.Does it mean i should make over myself in a good light for others?

I am going to blunt and honest here.I am at a point in my lifecycle where i am just letting the thinkers have their opinions of me and the talkers talk of what they think i am.Wilted conscious people.Opinions and assumptions are chess pieces of ones’ own game board.The moves you make and the perceived actions you conceived are not actual reality.It’s a self initiated function.People will talk,they will think,but does it make you,YOU?Quite simply,the answer is no.

I write not out of bitterness or contempt,but out of awareness and freedom of not caring.I have been subjected to many negative adjectives,past and present,but currently,I let people talk.I am numb.A spring violet standing during the dense summer rains.
The point is,if YOU know who you are and you are satisfied with yourself,why should another person’s thought of you drag you low?Well,I am no longer being dragged!All the energy that was given in considering if i was a bad person or not good enough has been directed towards something more positive.
Lately,I have become very content with my artwork,so i know that i am on the path of self happiness.Please consider that.After all,the loud walls are much more welcoming than loud society

Thank you for reading


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