Little Blue Bear

“I want to own a circus with a blue bear wearing a bowtie” -Mei [October 2012]

For the past week now,I have been trying to find the words to jolt down on this blog.It has not been easy to even think how too compose this entry.I finally got news of your going away last week and I was stunned.I have always thought for the last 2 months that you were extremely busy with your family and business,so I continued to wait with the assumption that it was like any other time within our friendship where,we’ll fight,don’t speak for awhile,and finally we’ll talk again,laugh,bully each other,and eventually fight (repeating the cycle).But this time is different.It’s been nearly 3 months since our last conversation and I was under the impression that you were still mad at me,but I was so wrong..
You weren’t coming back anymore with the news I received.I felt as if I had lost a sibling all over again.

We had good times,bad times,sharing times,and hating times,but it was who we came to be as friends ne?This month of October would have been our two years of being friends.Two years don’t seem like that long,but after all we have experienced together as friends in that span of time,it’s as if you were a younger sister to me.
It’s because of you that I use the name “Kei” on some places.I remember we were talking about Men in Black and you started calling me “Agent K” and I responded with “Baka!I am not agent K!but we could be the Men in Black yo!Agent Mei and agent Kei lol”
And I can’t possibly forget what started our friendship,The blue bear with a bowtie.It doesn’t exist baka!!Hhahaha.Writing this is making my tears fall as I am recalling that and writing this.You definitely impacted my life more than you will ever realize.Although our time was brief,the knowledge I gained by befriending you will forever carry with me in my heart.You are indeed my best friend.No matter how long or short I live,I will never forget you and everything you have done for me.Big or small,everything is cherished.I am grateful we came across each other and I am happy for the memories you gave me.Even if tears flow when I recall those memories,I am happy remembering you,my dear friend.
You are with the angels now.No matter our pact to go to hell together,i am most sure I won’t see your face in hell.
You my friend,you were indeed an angel.Now you have your wings ne.I’m jealous yo!Haha…
I miss you my friend
Rest forever with peace in your heart


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