Unyielding Bonds

My second post in 3 days ne?Woooo!I am on a roll yo!Haha…this post isn’t going to be insane like the last,but nonetheless,still very me-ish.lol.
My topic will be about friendship.Why?All because of anime yo!

For the last week or so,I have been on an anime binge.Well,I only have been finishing up the last seasons of Bleach and catching up with Naruto Shippuden.”What!?You are just now finishing up on those anime?!Bu..bu..but you are in Japan!”Don’t you give me that all-Japanese-watch-anime nonsense yo!To be quite frank with you all,I have always preferred Manga over anime.
For those who don’t know what a glorious manga is,a Manga is a published comic books,mostly in black and white shade,sometimes in colour but more the former than the latter,You have to READ the story and character dialogue, and most importantly,It’s freakin uncensored!!Pure awesomeness yo!
Then you have anime…some will argue that it’s more “popular” than manga.Ummm…oke…To each his own ne.Anyways,anime doesn’t require you to read a damn thing,unless you are watching a subbed version,its “bright” and the characters’ hair literally blows in the wind yo!!!Amazing ne!Its OVER 9000!!!
I personally,don’t watch anime at all…well,recently I have since I’ve gotten sick.Primarily I read the manga,because for me,it’s more impactful and exciting than anime adaption
Anyways…onto my main topic.

Naruto Shippuden is the second half of the Naruto manga series,and it follows Uzumaki Naurto as he journey and train hard to become his village’s Hokage(Strongest ninja in the village)and to also retrieve his friend,Uchiha Sasuke,whom left the village seeking revenge.Basically,Naruto grew up without parents and was a host to the Nine tails demon fox,which caused the villagers to shun him as a monster child.Later on,he befriended Haruno Sakura and Sasuke,whom he later grew a very strong friendship with the latter.When Sasuke left the village,Naruto trained for three years for the sole purpose to retrieve his rogue friend,and throughout the series,he encounters an even more sinister Sasuke,who has no desire to return to his former home,nor reestablish his bond with Naruto.With that reality and disheartening revelation,Naruto momentarily feels defeated but never once gives up on Sasuke.
The biggest point of the Naruto series is,”How far would you go for your cherished bond(s)?”

Yes,I gathered all of that from reading/watching the Naruto series.”How far will you go for your cherished bonds?”,is the question and I find it to be a very intriguing inquiry.
People make acquaintances,become friends,some becomes best friend(s),or higher,lovers,life partners,or bitter enemies.No matter what situation or part of the world we are located,we all have bonds that shape our daily lives.But the question is,how far will you go for those bonds?
Some people who fall in love,they will buy a ring and purpose to their partners to show how far they will go for loving that person,some might get a tattoo of that person’s name on their body,or worst,some inflict body harm upon themselves to prove that being in/out of love with that person hurts far more worst than the pain they are self-inflicting.
In regards to friendship,some people invite their friends to movies,arcade,etc to let that person know that their presence is greatly enjoyed,rather than spent lonesome,some people treat their friends like family,showing how deeply that person is rooted in their lives,and in some cases,some people become so used to their friends that they begin to dislike being around them,creating enemies out of an once pure bond.

Forming bonds is an inevitably part of life.Even the one kid in high school that says he/she is truly alone,really isn’t alone.Bonds can be physical,visional,spiritual,sometimes imaginative.Bonds make a boring stroll in the park,a great jolly time.It can turn a rainy day into a sunshine on the inside type of setting.But not all bonds are golden.Some bonds can make you feel as if you are floating and when they are gone,you are left missing them to the point of tears,drinking/drug usage,and sometimes self harm/suicide.
The fact that bonds direct how emotions and flow of life,will always entertain my thoughts.I am even satisfied with never coming with a logical explanation as to why bonds are so important.I like pondering.Hehe.
My question to you now is: will you be like Uzumaki Naruto and go to great lengths to prove your bond is worth fighting for?or,will you just simply carry on about with an “Easy come,easy go” attitude towards bonds in your life?
How far would you go for your cherished bonds?

Until next time,Thank you for reading
Take care


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