“New place,new post” That should be the real title of this entry.Haha…Nope!The title of this post is how you say “apartment” in Japanese English.
As the title suggests,I am currently living in an apartment now.I’m only one guy and I am skinny,so what do I do with a multi room home ne?Hehehe

It’s been awhile since I lived in an apartment setting,so adjusting to the limited space and being “respectful” of my neighbours above an d below me is something I am going to really hate.I am not a disrespectful person,but I don’t sleep at night and I like to play my metal,rock,and Utada Hikaru music when I am working.CURSE YOU NEIGHBOOOOOOOURSSSS!!!! *Shaking my fist*

Overall,I am most grateful that I have a place to lie my head at night and a roof and walls to shelter me yo!I am most grateful!Arigatou gozaimashita *bow deeply*

Well,that’s my post for this morning,and I sincerely hope you all (whoever reads this) is having an excellent time yo!
Take care of yourselves
Until next post


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