Youthful Stars

Ohayou gozaimasu,everyone!

You know,… I wanted to write about manga that I read and all that good stuff,but I have been feeling a troubling random sadness in my heart lately.
There exist many reasons as to what is contributing to my sadness,but this post is strictly about one subject only…Death and Young life.

All around me lately,all I read in the news is death of young kids,teenagers,and young adults worldwide.From the kidnappings and police related deaths of young adults in the US,to the innocent children caught in the crossfire of Gaza conflict,to the incident here,where a high school girl murdered and dismembered her classmate,and the last one I read really,i don’t know why,but it touched my heart with sadness.It’s about a Korean idol singer named EunB and she died from a fatal car accident 5 days ago.

I don’t listen to Korean music,nor am I a fan of the group “Ladies’ Code” in which,EunB was a part of.The reasoning for me being saddened by news of that tragic accident is,She was only 21 years of age and to lose your life as you are following and achieving your dreams,its really heartbreaking.

Growing up,i have always wanted to be a mangaka(comic book artist/author),wrestler,break dancer,etc.I had many dreams and goals,and the thought of it all ending at a young age,is what caused my heart sadness upon reading such news of EunB’s passing.
Young life is the most important stages in life,because you are expanding your knowledge,not only about the world,but you are also discovering yourself.You are learning what you want to do,what you want to be,and how to behave within society.Positive or negative,young life is an experience that will mold you for your future,regardless of the path you walk.
I always look up to the stars at night,gazing at the millions of stars in the night’s blanket,and i’ll say “These stars represents all the children of the world whose guardian angel are watching over them,as they navigate this journey known as life.”

Cherish life,young or old,be grateful you are able to breathe and experience the life set out in front of you and all the opportunities awaiting you.Most importantly,cherish young life,because our youth will carry our future world.Help raise them,lead by example,and encourage their dreams.Those youths are our stars and we are the night sky behind them,helping them to shine most bright in trying period of their life.
To all the youth,go forth with courage and honesty in your hearts.Chase your dreams and never be afraid of failure.You will succeed.I support you!
Ganbatte yo!(Good luck!)


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