Ohayou fellow bloggers and readers!I am doing an early entry today.”Why?”you may or may not be asking yourself,BUT….I will tell you anyways.
Truth is,I can’t sleep.I mean,my sleeping pattern has always been a wild maze since my teenage years,but this is caused by extreme stress,and I will explain why.

First,My flippin laptop is BROKEN!!!!AAAAAAAH!!!I can’t believe that of all things I own(mind you that I have not much),I wouldn’t have thought that my laptop would be the one to break yo!!!I thought my phone would break or get lost(God forbids),My ipod would break(Kill me now),or my drawing hand would get broken(Game over!)
The damn laptop fell from my desk as I was in middle of my slumber yesterday.I don’t know how or why it fell from a flat surface!Maybe it was a ghost or the universe trying to give me a sign,but one thing is certain….my prized possession is now completely ruined.I feel like a ninja without stealth……USELESS!!!
Below is a photo of the LCD monitor’s damage Huhuhuhuhu….rest in peace my Toshiba

WP_20140825_004 (360x640)

Furthermore,whats the deal with bills?!!I flippin hate that word yo!!Bills Bills Bills make me so damn ill yo!!Arghhhh!!!
In all seriousness,i am facing a huge crisis,personally and I am not sure if I will be around to blog until I can get my situation solved.I am going to be without wifi for a few days and I gotta move soon,so,until I get settled and find my footing,i’ll be away from my blog for awhile.I do apologize in advance for my absence and I really apologize to my sweet panda.I am sorry,but I will be back soon yo!!

Until next time
Stay kind and be safe my readers
Ja mata


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