Stars bright in the darkened skies
The road seemed all so clear
Roaring about is the haunting clouds
The star paved path faded before our anxious eyes.

Happiness was always bound to us
Eluded were the sadness that shrouds the world
Happiness slowly danced too far in the clouds
Eluded now were the feelings of happiness

Are you a sign?

Togetherness was a dream of the willing
Loneliness is the fact of time
Reaching far for gold but dragging back bronze
A sign of last placed hope

Bitterness bites the heart
Loneliness embraces the body
Accepting is sadness
Welcome new child of darkness…
We have been waiting…..

Signs are most clear now….


7 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Sorry to post many times like this…it s just that it s great to see your writing s still the same.
    In fact, I do cares about old memories, MyOpera where i even fell for an Eng native user. That s silly yet i dont want to get rid without a trace.
    So sometimes keep track of things like this makes me feel nostalgic. Have to look at yours, cause i didnt save any datas for me back then.
    I hope my words wouldnt annoy you so much. Thank you for letting me in and share thoughts ya.

    • It’s fine,Gia.i can understand missing myopera,because i too miss those times yo!I was shocked when i saw your comments here,because the last time we talked,you said not to contact you.But i am glad you found my blog ^.^

  2. I did try to stop all the contacts but that s impossible, I d rather limit the contacts and besides, it is annoying to be buzzed around by all the medias.

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