Kyo dake

Ohayou!!!My lonely little blog.It’s been some time since I last jolted down my thoughts here,ne?My apologies.
Well today I’m going to most likely do a double posting.YESSSSS!Two post in one day yo!Wooooo!
The first,will of course,be the one I am currently conceiving “Kyo dake” (Only Kyo),which will serve as an update type blog on things surrounding me.

First and foremost,I don’t watch the news much,because I am not really home often to stay current with television,but,I was on my twitter and an article about a 16 year old high school student from Nagasaki murdering her classmate.It’s not just murder,but she also dismembered her also!It’s such a horrible event and Japan isn’t known to be violent nation,but we unfortunately have dark and grim events take place.May the victim soul rest now and the murderer sins be judged.No one has the right to take another’s life!no matter how much you hate them or become annoyed,never turn to violence!
You can read the story


last; I recently got job at a phone center here and I was most thrilled when I obtained the position,but after the training finished and I was able to work on the production floor (taking the calls),my nightmare began!First:I was locked out of my billing systems and troubleshoot tool so its near impossible for me to do my job,second: I couldn’t find my damn supervisor who happened to work a later shift than mine and I had no way of engaging him about my issue,and last: I got scolded and basically insulted by my operation manager and all I could do is bow my head and say “I understand.”That place is hell but I’m not a quitter.Sometimes I have to step out of my comfort zone in order to grow ne.

Well,that’s how my life is going since my last entry here.I hope you all are having a wonderful August yo!ヽ(^^)ノ
Until next post
Take care everyone
Bai bai


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