Glazing upon the purple and red sky
“What lies ahead of me?” I whisper to the unresponsive heavens
Raining down is the response of not to my questions,but rather the emotion of a bleak future ahead

Walking ahead of the light,while journeying deeper into the quiet night
Where am I going?
Who am I becoming?
Where do I stop?
Questions without answers

Working in unhappiness
Breathing in nervously a dark day
Wasting away is the time I once loved
Blue is the colour of my uninspired heart
Inspired is the idea to give up
But unwilling to take down my demons

Empty is the vessel of my former
Steadily empty is my current
Fly-on without slow
Filling my empty desire to succeed
Fly-On without ice in the heart
Dead eyes come alive once more
Howl little monkey at the moon
Be heard
Silence the doubtful noise
Fly-On without regret


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