Invisible Feeling

This is my first post in awhile and also my first blogging from a mobile device,so it’s a bit foreign to me.haha.
But I just want to write what I am currently thinking and feeling while making my trip to work.I hope it’s not too troublesome.

For the last few weeks since starting my new job,I ride a few trains to get to and from work,so I have much time to think to myself.What I think about,well,I should say;what I have recalled lately is Memories.
Memories are just so mysterious yet well known.Far away from contact,but so very near.They know so much about us but we know so little of them.Strange ne?But,when all is gone and we feel alone,Memories are all that we are left with.Won’t abandon us,Won’t let us forget we are important.Memories,I thank you for accompanying me on my lonely train ride.Arigatou.

Memories can be a wonderful companion,but it can also be a painful reminder of what was once obtain and now is vanish from our grasp.
Memories,I love you,but in the same breath,I loathe you.

Until next time,odaiji no yo


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