Puzzle Man

People always asked me “Kyo,what is your idea of fun?”
Which prompted me to make this little entry.Ikuze!

Kyo’s idea of fun…hmmmmmm
I won’t lie,i used to feel obligated to go out clubbing and drinking because my friends would always invite me or rush to my home and yell “Kyo!Kyo!Let’s have night out!”It annoyed me,but hey,spending time with my friends used to be fun times.No matter how drunk or too much dancing we did.It was always good times.BUT…..
That’s not MY idea of fun,personally.

For me,ever since I was a teen,I’ll go off on a whim and say,that ever since I was a young child,my idea of fun consisted of being alone.Wait wait wait chotto matte yo!Before you think im one of those hipster loners or psycho that never seen the light of the sun,I’ve always enjoyed solitary activities.For instance,reading manga/books,writing short stories/poetry,drawing random characters(as seen above),collecting trading cards,watching wrestling,and video gaming.
Those are Kyo’s idea of fun.Even in my lonesome,I still enjoy it wildly and vividly because those activities make me happy all around.Even as I am older now…well,MUCH older now(jeez),I still do those activities on a consistent basis without fault.My idea of fun will last until my timeline cease.

No matter your idea of fun,as long as it’s positive and not hurting anyone,Enjoy.Tanoshimu yo!
Be safe
Odaiji ni yo



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