Strength in Setbacks

Endure (640x495)

It’s been awhile.
I know,i know.That is my fault for being idle from my dear blog for almost 2 MONTHS!!!Forgive me,everyone.
But I want to write a post about some of my thinking lately that stems from my life at current.So I hope you all enjoy my musing.

I have been logging on here for weeks now,dare I say,months.But,i never could find the one thing I wanted to talk about.Of course,i thought about the idea of blogging about my favourite games,or wrestling(yes I am a HUGE wrestling fan!),or Manga.It’s just a cluster of ideas in my mind,but I can only evaluate on one topic per entry.Don’t want to go all nuts like I did with my blog on MyOpera(Rest in Peace you sweet community)lol.
As you can see above,is another one of my not so good drawings,but its a meaning behind that picture.When I was drawing it,i had two concepts in mind.One: I wanted to do something simple,yet drawing from my emotion at the time.Second: I was thinking about my name’s meaning.As many of you don’t know,my family name “Shinobu” means “Endure” and that is why I drew a character writing that on the wall.
“Endure” is the theme of this blog and I shall begin my musing.

The last 2 months have been trying times for me.From maintaining my personal relationships,job seekings,and just trying to figure out where I am headed with my career.It became a tad bit overwhelming,and I will be perfectly honest,I am not the strongest link in the chain,and I honestly felt like my life was ending.I felt beat up,down and out.It was a very depressing time.So,I struggled much with just getting out of bed and just being alive.
I finally got sick,literally,i became ill with stress and worry and I was mentally and emotionally exhausted.I just shut my brain off and just keep moving.I shut off the bad thoughts of failure,regrets,and self doubt,and I just keep moving my feet forward.I became serious in searching for a job and I tried to see the positive in everything.
Many job rejections and lots of negative,i could have easily stopped,but I kept going.Then the month of May came and my endless searching and pain paid off.I finally got accepted for a job!Although,I do have already a job,but I needed a second one to have extra money to do more things that I feel is important.The pay isn’t much.but it’s enough to help out.So I am happy that I did not quit.

The point of that short story of me failing a million times,until I finally got it right is; Never give up.Even when the world seems unfair and fate is against you,never lie down and admit defeat.Endure!Endure the bad times,walk life with a determined heart and willful eyes.Endure the figurative rain and keep fighting until you find your golden sunlight.Life has so many opportunities,but its up to us to take advantage.
Do your best
Never settle for less
And never let anyone tell you that you can’t have dreams in reality
Without dreams,life would be meaningless.

Ganbatte yo!
Until next time
Odaiji ni!


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