Sitting in the guest bedroom,no tv,just thoughts,and the voice of my dear friend.
Exchanging stories of the past adventures we have been through together,I was informed of sensitive topic.One that reduces my strongest friend to tears as she tells the story.It’s also clarification to a mystery I have always wondered about since long ago.I finally have my answer and a deeper knowledge of the one I call my best friend.
With her permission,i will write the story.

Infants we were bonded,and coming into age during childhood,i’ve noticed how strong of a person my best friend has always been.Guarded emotionally,but mentally unbreakable.Always quick to protect the ones she loved and never one to shy away from helping.This is my best friend and the strongest girl I have acknowledged when I was little.
Sure there were times when she couldn’t shoulder all by herself,but that’s when I would step in and offer my support and help whenever I could.She protested much and usually says “I didn’t need your help”,and I would just smile a bit and say “shut up”.
As we grew older,that strong trait became even more stronger in her,and she was really untouchable.Stubborn,in a sense,but stubborn in a way that you couldn’t help but admire her determination to get better.I still admire that about her.

We go out and have some drinks.Everyone is laughing and having a wonderful time.But my best friend just sits there with full glass of her alcoholic beverage,and she stares deeply into that glass of liquid.I would have to nudge her shoulder and call her name to get her attention back to us.She would apologize and depart the place of our drinking and I would follow to try to talk to her.She would never reveal what was on her mind,but I always knew something deeper troubled my friend.
But this morning,i finally understand why she could never be happy and drink in peace.

When my friend was young,her father left her and her mother.He was an alcoholic and he always felt that drinking was more important than his family.So one day,he packed his things and never returned.Leaving a young girl and her mentally ill mother to fend for themselves.My friend grew to hate the very man that helped give her life.She didn’t waste her time cursing him,instead,she used his departure as motivation to carve a new life and legacy for her family.She knew her mother could barely provide a stable life for her,given her illness.My friend had every reason to lie down and give up and blame her father for their poor condition.No.She used their condition,her bastard father and she worked towards a goal to lift her family to better position.And better her family is now.
Her mother is well taken care of,she is happy,but never interested to brag her wealth or her success.She only works to take care of her mother and to never abandon the ones she love.
Her alcoholic father makes being in the presence of alcohol almost unbearable for her,that she was reduced to tears this morning.It’s very new to me to see her this deeply sad.But by sharing,she is once more smiling.

We all fall into hard times and we always pray,wish for an escape,but it seems it’s so far off in the distance.My friend found her escape and she was successful in her attempt.Even now,before she fell asleep,she told me “I won’t abandon you.No matter what.”
True to her words,embracing a life long promise,she has never failed in anything she sets her heart on.I admire you and I respect you so much,Miyamoto Akira.
Thank you for encouraging me and showing me that there is hope,even for someone like me.Thank you for never leaving my side.
Rest well and be happy forever,My dear friend.

Until next time
Odaiji ni


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